Rohit Changani

Rohit Changani is a WordPress, Shopify, Full Stack, and React Native expert. With extensive experience in these technologies, he delivers outstanding web and mobile applications that exceed expectations. Rohit's expertise and dedication make him a trusted partner to bring your ideas to life and enhance your online presence.

Rohit Changani
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How to Create Offline First React Native Apps
How to Create Offline First React Native Apps: A Complete Walkthrough

Craft seamless offline first React Native apps! Learn step-by-step in this comprehensive guide. Empower your app for anytime, anywhere use.

How to Create an E-wallet mobile App_ a Complete Guide
eWallet Mobile App Development: An Ultimate Guide

Discover the ultimate guide to eWallet mobile app development. Learn step-by-step how to create a secure and user-friendly eWallet app with best practices.

Native vs Cross-Platform Making the Right Choice for App Development
Native vs Cross-Platform: Making the Right Choice for App Development

Choosing between Native vs Cross-Platform app development? Make the right choice for your app development journey.

Flutter vs Swift
Flutter vs. Swift: Which One to Choose for iOS App Development?

In the battle of Flutter vs. Swift for iOS app development, find out which one reigns supreme. Make the right choice for your project's success!

Top On-Demand Food Delivery Apps
Top 15+ Food Delivery Apps in UK and USA in 2023

Experience the revolution of on-demand food delivery apps with our curated list of the top 15 on-demand food delivery apps in the UK and USA in 2023.

Outsource App Development in 2023 - Complete Guide
How to Outsource App Development in 2023?

Discover the secrets of successful app development outsourcing in 2023. Learn how to find the right team and maximize the benefits for your business.

React Native Elements - An In-Depth Overview of Its Components
React Native Elements: The Path to a Stunning and Functional App

Discover the power of React Native Elements! Dive into an in-depth exploration of its versatile components and supercharge your app development.

How to Create a Fintech App A Comprehensive Guide
Fintech App Development: Financial Freedom at Your Fingertips

Unlock financial freedom with our Fintech App Development. Manage money, investments, and transactions easily.

Android vs iOS development
Which App Development Is Best For Your Business: iOS Or Android?

Discover the perfect fit for your business with our blog on iOS vs. Android App Development, helping you choose the right platform for your mobile application needs.

A Complete Guide to Fantasy Sports App Development
Guide to Fantasy Sports App Development: Steps, Features & Cost

Are you Interested in fantasy sports app development? Here’s a complete guide about how to create it, features to include, and cost to build a fantasy sports website.

Complete Guide to Game App Development
Mobile Game App Development Cost, Features & Steps: A Complete Guide

Ready to create a mobile game app? Discover the mobile game development cost involved and use our helpful guide to create your own game app with ease.

React Native vs. Swift - Which One is Better For IOS App Development
React Native vs Swift: The Best iOS App Platform of 2023

Find out which platform is the best for developing iOS apps in 2023: React Native or Swift. Explore the pros and cons in this comprehensive comparison.

Top Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs A Healthcare Mobile App
13 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs A Mobile App

Discover the top reasons why hospitals should invest in a mobile app for enhanced patient experience, improved communication, and streamlined operations.

React 18 New update and features
React 18: Release Guide, New Features and Latest Updates

Discover the latest features and updates in React 18, and learn how to upgrade to this exciting new release. Get started with React 18 today!

Top 9 Best iOS App Development Tools in 2023 For Start-Ups

Discover the top 9 iOS development tools every startup should know about in 2023. Learn how these tools can help you build a successful iOS app and gain a competitive edge.

A Complete Guide to Cryptowallet App Development
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Crypto Wallet App?

Ready to create a crypto wallet app? Discover the crypto wallet app development costs involved and explore monetization options with this comprehensive guide.

Video Streaming App Development Cost, Features, and Benefits
Video Streaming App Development: How to Create an App Like Netflix

Looking to create a powerful video streaming app like Netflix? Learn the key steps and strategies for successful Video Streaming App Development.

Flutter Performance Optimization Guide for 2023
Flutter Performance Optimization Guide for 2023

Learn how to optimize the performance of your Flutter applications with our guide. Boost your app's speed and efficiency with tips and tricks from our experts.

Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps: Which One Should You Choose for Your Business?
Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps: Which to Choose for Your Business?

Find out the difference between native and hybrid apps. We'll explore both options' main benefits and drawbacks in this post. To learn more, keep reading.

Top Cross Platform App development Frameworks
Top 12 Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

Discover 12 cross-platform app frameworks for seamless multi-platform development. Explore features, benefits, and simplified development.

best react native ui components and animation libraries
Best React Native UI components and Animation Libraries

Check out these top 11 React Native UI components and 17+ animation libraries to create interactive, user-friendly interfaces and boost user engagement in your app.

top 10 healthcare software solution for 2023
Top 10 Healthcare Software Solutions for 2024

Our guide to the top 10 healthcare software solutions of 2024 will help you optimize your operations and enhance patient care.

Diet and nutrition app
Diet and Nutrition App Development: Features and Cost

Discover how to make a diet and nutrition app and its must-have features and cost considerations for developing it. Read to know more.

hotel booking app development
Hotel Booking App Development: Benefits, Types, Costs & Features

An overview of the cost & features involved in hotel booking app development. Learn about the development process & factors to consider before creating an app.

react native local database
Best React Native Local Databases for Smart Applications

Explore the top local database options for creating smart React Native applications that work offline and provide a seamless user experience.

flutter vs react native
Flutter vs. React Native: Which is Best in 2023?

The well-known cross-platform app development frameworks Flutter and React Native each have advantages and disadvantages. Go here to learn more about them.

steps to create food delivery app
Guide to Create On-Demand Food Delivery App in 2023

Build a successful on-demand food delivery app in 2023 with our comprehensive guide, including latest insights and strategies to make your app stand out.

speed up mobile app development process
How To Speed Up Mobile App Development Process?

Learn how to speed up your mobile app development process by implementing strategies to balance speed and quality to deliver a successful mobile app.

android app development tools for android apps
Best Android App Development Tools To Build Amazing Android Apps

Check out this list of the top 7 Android app development tools and software that will make your workflow much easier. Read For More Information!

Is Doctor-On-Demand App The Future?
Doctor On Demand App Development: Future of the Healthcare Industry

Looking to develop a doctor-on-demand app? Our team of experienced developers can help you build an app that connects users with healthcare providers. Contact us today.

Tinder like Dating App Cost and Features
Dating Apps Development Cost with Features like Tinder App

Looking to develop dating apps like Tinder? Our team can help you create a custom app with the features you need at a cost that fits your budget.

Why is the On-Demand Home Services App Market thriving
Why is the On-Demand Home Services App Market thriving?

Looking for ways to find and book home services? Our team of experienced app developers can create a custom on-demand home service app tailored to your needs.

location based app
A Complete Guide to Location Based App Development

Read our blog to learn about Location-Based App Development, including features, types, development costs, benefits, team structure, and more. Contact Us.

Travel And Tourism App Development
Complete guide on Travel & Tourism App development

Are you thinking about developing travel apps? But first, learn about the features of travel app development. Start by reading this manual.

How to choose best API for your business
How to Choose The Best API For Your Business

In search of the ideal API application programming interface for your company? Read on to learn more about the various types of API application.

The complete guide to migrating native and react apps to react native
The Complete Guide to Migrating Native and React Apps to React Native

All you need to know about moving from native apps to React Native, including best practices, greenfield and brownfield development.

Angular vs React 2022
Angular vs React: Know the Differences

Find out which is the best choice for your project: Angular or React. Our detailed comparison guide highlights the benefits of React JS. Decide with confidence!

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development [Guide 2022]

Choosing the right mobile application development platform is vital in determining the success of the custom mobile application you develop. Learn what factors to consider.

Check How to Get the Best React Native Solutions

How you will get benefited from using our react native app development services your mobile App development and how the Syndell can help you? Let's see!

PHP vs. WordPress Web Development
5 Reasons Why You Should Go for React Native

Choose React Native Development to expand market reach quickly & cost-effectively. Here are top reasons why you prefer it for your Business.