Adding animation to your mobile applications can be an amazing way to give your users a more pleasant experience. With React Native, you can access the best UI components, animation libraries, and a robust declarative API to create stunning animations with the Animated API.


You can access two complementary animation systems for even more control:  

  • Animated for interactive and granular control 
  • LayoutAnimation for animated global layout transactions.


If you want to use a 3rd party library to manage and monitor your animations, we can help you pick the best ones. With our assistance, you can create animations that go beyond your real-world experience, making it an immense pleasure to the eye. 


Don’t miss this magical opportunity to bring your app to life!


Before we get into the most popular UI component and animation libraries in React Native, let’s take a moment to understand why they are essential for building great user experiences.


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The Purpose of React Components

react components benefits


The purpose of React components is to create reusable building blocks for user interfaces in web and mobile applications. A component of React is a modular and independent piece of code that encapsulates a specific functionality, logic, or visual representation. It can be reused across different parts of an application.


React components can be either functional or class-based and have their own properties and state. Properties (or props) are used to pass data and configuration options from parent to child components. In contrast, the state is used to manage a component’s internal data and behavior.


React components provide several benefits, including:


  • Reusability: Components can be reused across different parts of an application, reducing the amount of code duplication and improving maintainability.
  • Modularity: Components can be developed and tested independently, making the codebase easier to manage and scale.
  • Composability: Components can be combined and nested to create more complex user interfaces.
  • Performance: React uses a virtual DOM and efficient rendering algorithms to optimize performance and minimize the UI updates needed.


Now, let’s explore the top 13+ React Native UI Component Libraries available to help you create beautiful, powerful user interfaces.


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Top 11 React Native UI Component Libraries

react native ui component libraries


  1. React Native Elements 

React Native Elements is a powerful and versatile UI library for React Native projects. Built with JavaScript, it is highly customizable and works seamlessly across iOS and Android platforms. It’s no wonder that experienced developers and newbies alike are drawn to this library; it has amassed an impressive 20.6k stars and 4.2k forks on GitHub, demonstrating its popularity and reliability.


  1. React Native Vector Icons

This library is an invaluable resource for creating ToolBars, NavBars, and TabBars for Android apps. It’s already used worldwide in countless Android apps, and its popularity is evident with 15.5k stars and 1.5k forks on GitHub. Plus, with React Native Vector Icons included, you can easily add custom images for your navigation elements.


  1. UI Kitten

UI Kitten is the perfect React Native component library for customizing and reusing styling in your React Native application. The library is popular among developers, with 8.9k stars and 893 forks on GitHub. With UI Kitten, you can create stunning, modern designs for your mobile app quickly and easily.


  1. NativeBase

The NativeBase developer tool comes with a UI component library that is widely popular among React developers. With over 17k stars and 2.1k forks on GitHub, it is clear that NativeBase is no ordinary tool – it has a genuine following and provides real value.


  1. React Native Paper

The Material-UI library for React Native Apps is the perfect tool for developers looking to quickly create custom components with global theming support. With over 8.8k stars and 1.5k forks on GitHub, it’s the ideal choice for designing beautiful and responsive apps with the latest Material Design guidelines.


  1. React Native Teaset

The Teaset library is a must-have for React Native developers. With over 20 customizable JavaScript components, this library offers unparalleled display capabilities with 2.8k stars and 475 forks on GitHub


  1. Nachos UI

The React Native library has over 30 tailored components and styles to make your app stand out. With an impressive 2k star and 136 forks on GitHub, you can be sure that these twisted, peppy, and loved components will deliver an amazing user experience.


  1. Shoutem UI

Shoutem is a powerful, cross-platform library for iOS and Android that makes it easy to create beautiful, custom UIs with UI Components, Themes, and Animations. All components are easily customizable and composable and come with predefined styles to quickly create complex designs. With over 504 stars and 91 forks on GitHub, Shoutem is the perfect library for creating amazing experiences on both iOS and Android.


  1. React Native maps 

MapView and other child components provide multiple events for developers to take advantage of. Through refs and component methods, developers can easily manipulate MapView’s position and animate it to their desired destination. With an MIT license, MapView has earned 550 stars on Github, making it a powerful and popular tool for developers.


  1. Ignite CLI

Ignite CLI is the perfect starting point for any React Native app developer. With a selection of boilerplates and standalone plugins, you can quickly and easily create amazing applications. Already popular on GitHub, Ignite CLI has 13.4k stars and 1.1k forks for its unique React Native component libraries, making it a great choice for beginners and experienced developers.


  1. Material Kit React Native

The Material Kit is one of the fastest-rising React Native component libraries built on, React Native, and Expo. This library enables you to create amazing apps with customized buttons, cards, navigation, and inputs, providing a great user experience close to Google’s material design. It’s gaining attention and lots of love from the community on GitHub, with 483 stars and 219 forks. 


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The 17+ Most Popular Native React Animation Libraries in 2023


  1. React Native Animatable

React Native Animatable


React Native Animatable helps you reduce development time and effort by providing preconfigured, well-animated components for your applications. It features an intuitive set of animations that are easy to use in React Native applications, eliminating the need to write your animations for repetitive slides, swipes, and bounces. With React Native Animatable, you can add polished animations to your apps quickly and easily.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 9k stars


  1. React Navigation Transitions

React Navigation Transitions


This React Native component assists with monitoring and managing the transitions of complex animated components. It keeps track of timings for animations and monitors multiple screens as they enter and exit.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 447 stars


  1. React Native GL Model View

React Native GL Model View


React Native GL Model View offers incredible features to display, rotate, scale, and translate 3D textured models with ease. It comes equipped with a component that enables developers to display and animate any Wavefront.OBJ 3D object. Built with native jPCT-AE for Android and a native bridge to GLView for iOS, this powerful tool provides the perfect solution for 3D content creation.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 338 stars



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  1. React Native Auto Animate

React Native Auto Animate


Auto animate is an easy, reliable, and intuitive way to create amazing React Native animations with a simple declarative API and render props. With just a few lines of code, you can create powerful, eye-catching animations that will take your application to the next level.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: Be the first to use and star!


  1. React Native SVG Animations

React Native SVG Animations


React Native SVG animation library easily displays stunning, animated vector graphic images. With the help of the included wrapper elements, you can bring your animation to life in no time. 


  • Github link:
  • License: ISC License
  • GitHub Stars: 119 stars


  1. React Native Redash

React Native Redash


React Native Redash library is an invaluable toolbelt for creating a superior user experience. With its comprehensive gesture-handling capabilities, you can deliver your customers a smooth, intuitive, and seamless user experience.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 1k stars


  1. React Native Motion

React Native Motion


Motion is an easy-to-use library for creating beautiful and powerful animations in React Native. With its simple API, React Native Motion makes it easy to share transitions between components and screens, adding a dynamic and responsive touch to your app.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 2k stars


  1. React Native Flip Card

React Native Flip Card


React Native Flip Card is the ultimate animation library for React Native, providing a stunning card component with a beautiful flipping motion for Android and iOS. 


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 281 stars


  1. React Spring

React Spring


React-spring is a powerful animation library that combines the best of both worlds: the powerful interpolations and enhancements of animated and the intuitive, declarative nature of react-motion. It provides developers with the flexible tools they need to create visually stunning and engaging interfaces confidently. Whether you need to animate complex UI interactions or simple transitions, react-spring has you covered.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 22.2K stars


  1. React Native Pose

React Native Pose


React Native Pose is the perfect solution for bringing your animations and keyframe sequences to life. It’s designed to be lightweight, portable, and composable in any JavaScript environment, with an eye on worklets in the future. With React Native Pose, you can create complex strings, numbers, and colors, enabling you to create beautiful animations and bring your projects to life.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT
  • GitHub Stars: NA


  1. React Native Reanimated

React Native Reanimated


The React Native Reanimated library provides a comprehensive, low-level abstraction of the animated library API, allowing greater flexibility and control when creating gesture-based interactions. With this library, you can unlock the full potential of your gesture-based interactions and create seamless, high-performance animations.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 5k stars


  1. React Native Circular Menu

React Native Circular Menu


React Native Circular Menu animation library provides a beautiful ripple menu effect that makes it easy to create stunning React Native applications. This elegant UI menu includes a circular layout and features a variety of material designs to give your app a modern, professional look.


  • Github link:
  • License: ISC License
  • GitHub Stars: 129 stars



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  1. React Native Shared Element

React Native Shared Element


React Native Shared Element library provides a powerful set of full native components to easily create stunning shared element transitions in your Router or Transition libraries. From smooth page transitions to complex nesting of shared elements, you can take your app to the next level with this comprehensive library.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 1.7K stars


  1. Fluid Transitions for React Navigation

Fluid Transitions for React Navigation


React Navigation’s Fluid Transitions offers a unique navigator component, FluidNavigator, with the same interface and routing configuration. This React Native animation library allows you to create custom transitions that will automatically run when navigating between screens using the regular navigation actions through the component transition.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 2.8K stars


  1. React Native Sooji Animated Input

React Native Sooji Animated Input


This library provides a set of powerful animated components, with PanResponder functions, Easing, and Animated, allowing you to customize and edit existing and default props in Slider.js. Import the slider and quickly adjust your props to achieve the desired result. With this library, you can easily create compelling visuals for your app!


  • Github link:
  • License: ISC License
  • GitHub Stars: Be the first to use and rate!


  1. React Native Tab-bar Interaction

React Native Tab-bar Interaction


Despite its less active ecosystem, the react-native-tab bar interaction has a neutral sentiment within the developer community. Although fewer resources and support are available for users, the interaction still provides a useful and reliable experience.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 550 stars


  1. React Native Wheel of Fortune

React Native Wheel of Fortune


This wheel of fortune is powered by D3 shape plugins and React Native SVG.


  • Github link:
  • License: MIT License
  • GitHub Stars: 51 stars


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These are the top React Native UI Kits, hand-picked just for you. With these tools, your development process will be faster and more convenient. Before selecting the library that best suits your project and requirements, you should conduct your research. 


If you want to add a library to an existing React Native project or if you want to build a cross-platform app from scratch, you can hire our React Native developers. We provide various development services and have the most experienced developers in the industry. 


Contact us if you want the best React Native developers for your project. We will happily help you select the right library and develop the right solution for your needs.