Tejas Sanghvi

Meet Tejas Sanghvi, a comprehensive problem solver and logical analyst, known for his leadership skills and creative approach to problem-solving. He is a team player, an initiator and has a positive attitude towards work. With his diverse skill set, he plays a vital role in the growth and success of Syndell.

Tejas Sanghvi
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Industry 4.0_ Transforming Manufacturing with AI and IoT
Industry 4.0: Transforming Manufacturing with AI and IoT

Explore Industry 4.0's impact on manufacturing with AI and IoT. Discover how technology is reshaping the future of production.

Impact of AI in Mental Healthcare
AI’s Impact on Mental Health: Early Intervention Revolution

Explore the transformative impact of AI in mental healthcare, from early detection to personalized interventions. Discover the future of well-being.

AI vs. Developers in Healthcare App development
Future of AI vs. Developers in Healthcare App Development

Discover evolving role of AI and developers in healthcare app development, foreseeing a symbiotic future of cutting-edge technology and human expertise.

Discover The Best RPA Tools for 2023
Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Discover The Best RPA Tools for 2023

Discover the top RPA tools for 2023 and streamline your business processes with cutting-edge automation technology. Boost efficiency now!

Mongo DB vs MYSQL
MongoDB vs MySQL: Which Database Is Right for You?

Confused between MongoDB and MySQL? Discover the perfect database for your needs. Compare features, scalability, and performance to make the right choice.

Why and How to Build Custom MLOps Platforms for Enterprises
Why and How to Build Custom MLOps Platforms for Enterprises?

Learn how to use a custom MLOps platform to unleash scalability and efficiency, revolutionizing your enterprise's operations by embracing AI.

How to Develop CRM Software_ A Complete Guide
How to Create Custom CRM Software for Small Businesses?

Explore building a custom CRM system for businesses: features, development costs, and amplify efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Financial Analytics for Businesses_ Why is it Important
Importance of Financial Analytics: Key Reasons for Businesses

Discover the growing importance of financial analytics for businesses and how it drives informed decision-making and improved financial performance.

SaaS Architecture Key Features, Types and Best Practices
SaaS Architecture Demystified: Features, Tenancy, and Best Practices

Unravel the secrets of SaaS architecture with this comprehensive guide. Discover essential features, tenancy models, and best practices for success.

Ways to Use OpenAI GPT - 3 and ChatGPT for Business Data Analysis
Ways to Use OpenAI GPT – 3 and ChatGPT for Business Data Analysis

Utilize OpenAI GPT-3 and ChatGPT for Business Data Analysis. Uncover hidden trends, gain insights, and make informed decisions with advanced AI tech.

SaaS Application Development Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices
A Step-by-Step Guide to SaaS Application Development

Looking to develop a SaaS application? This guide provides valuable insights and practical tips for successful SaaS application development. Learn more!

Enterprise Application Integration in Digital Transformation
Enterprise Application Integration: Trends and Predictions for 2024

Explore enterprise application integration, merging vital apps for business operations. Get essential insights into this critical strategy.

Cybersecurity for Custom Software Development
Importance of Cybersecurity in Custom Software Development

Protect your business from cyber threats. Learn why cybersecurity is crucial in custom software development. Read our guide to ensure your safety.

How the Top Business Challenges can be Solved by Generative AI Tools like ChatGPT
Resolving Top Business Challenges with Generative AI Tools like ChatGPT

Discover how ChatGPT, a generative AI tool, can solve complex business problems by automating tasks, generating insights, and improving decision-making.

Software Development Time Estimation An Ultimate Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Software Development Time Estimation

Learn how to accurately estimate the time required for your software development projects with our comprehensive guide.

AI Content Detection Tool: Development Cost In 2023
Developing an AI Content Detection Tool: Cost in 2023

Discover the latest costs involved in developing an AI content detection tool in 2023. Read our in-depth analysis and insights on this exciting topic.

List of top data science platforms in 2023
List of Data Science Platforms in Demand in 2023

Find the top data science platforms for 2023 like IBM Watson Studio and Google Cloud AI Platform that can help you stay ahead in the world of big data.

How Augmented Reality is Taking Over The Education Sector
The Impact of AR in Education: Enhancing Learning in the Digital Age

Unleash the power of AR in education! Our expert-developed AR solutions revolutionize learning in the digital age. Discover the impact today.

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing
What is Artificial Intelligence and Role of NLP in AI

Explore the power of Natural Language Processing in AI, revolutionizing human-machine interaction. Discover benefits, limitations, and potential of NLP.

Artifcial Intelligence in fintech industry
The Future of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in FinTech Industry

Experience the finance sector's AI revolution. Uncover AI's benefits & future in the FinTech industry.

Top 12 Machine Learning Platforms
Top 12 Machine Learning Tools to use in 2023

Explore the top 12 machine learning tools of 2023 and discover the best tools for building, deploying, and managing AI models. Read more here.

Hiring Cost of Software Developers
How Much Will It Cost to Hire A Software Developer In 2023?

Are you looking for software developers? Wondering how much it will cost? Learn how to find the right developer in budget for your project.

data science vs big data-analytics vs big data
Data Science vs Data Analytics vs Big Data

Understand the various differences between data analytics, big data, and data science. Also, learn how much each professional makes in terms of salary.

The Manifest Highlights Syndell Technologies as a Most Reviewed Blockchain Company in Ahmedabad
Syndell – Manifest’s Most Reviewed Blockchain Company in Ahmedabad

Syndell achieves another milestone as a top blockchain technology company in Ahmedabad, recognized by The Manifest. Check out for all the details!

How Website Crawlers Can Increase The Traffic of Your site
How Website Crawlers Can Increase The Traffic of Your site?

Get acquainted with the various ways of web crawler software or spider bots. Take a look at why you're most likely to need help with SEO.

hidden costs of software
Unveiling Hidden Costs: Anticipating Post-Launch Software Development

Software development is ongoing, with hidden costs post-launch. Uncover 6 hidden expenses to be aware of in the software development process!

Blockchain App
How and Why a Blockchain App is Essential for Your Business?

Here's a step by step guide on blockchain app development, starting from what are dapps to how to integrate blockchain technology.

7 Key Benefits Of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team
7 Key Benefits Of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

In this blog post you will find out the major benefits of Dedicated Development team that will help you to take important business decisions.

Swift or Objective-C: Why should you favour Swift?
Swift or Objective-C: Why should you favour Swift?

Swift vs Objective-C: Which to choose for your next iOS development project? Discover why Swift is a convenient option for building iOS apps.

future of mobile apps: 5 trends that will lead in 2022
Future of Mobile Apps Trends that will Lead in 2022

Check some latest Mobile app development trends and the emergence of super-apps. Lastly, we will conclude with what’s the next big thing in the market.