Working 2 steps ahead of the market is the mantra young entrepreneurs and their enterprises are preaching. When it comes to the market of mobile app development, there’s no exception. We all observed a gradual increase in the usage of mobile apps during the global pandemic. Users rely on their mobile phones even for everyday minor tasks.


Did you know 196 billion+ and 42 billion+ mobile apps were downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively in 2021? Yes, you got the numbers right. $693 billion of revenue is expected to generate from the same.


These numbers are a result of the universal adaption of mobile apps. On the basis of the numbers given by Statista, buyers are expected to download 258.2 billion applications by the end of 2022.


Ever wonder why such a rise in the usage of mobile applications?


The answer is very simple mobile apps have become very popular. These apps have the capacity to conduct a spectrum of tasks themselves. Such apps attract audiences due to their ability to multi-purpose entities. They act as a flag barrier for some change in the industry and push the buyers to get more keen on them.


Coming to our point, what are some latest mobile app development trends this year that mobile app developers need to look out for?


Scroll ahead to get the best trends this year that will influence this application market.



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Top 8 Mobile App Trends Prediction and Beyond

1) 5G technology

This next-gen creation of Mobile app development trends called 5G is a telecommunications network. This urges the mobile app developers to develop more tech-savvy AR, and VR-powered applications that stream in 4K and 360-degree videos and a lot to function with IoT devices.


5G’s connection speed provides infinite probabilities. Another fun fact, 551 million 5G connections are forecasted against the population of 190.8 million in 2022.


So, what do we derive from these figures?


Productivity and momentum will be the driving force for technological innovations in the market. 5G will be 100X times faster and more efficient compared to 4G. The perception of such technology will improve the app’s functionality and will revolutionize the way users use mobile apps.





2) Different apps for foldable gadgets

Mobile phones have significantly changed over the period. Mobile phones have transformed from button-operated to touchscreen and beyond. They have substantially contributed to Mobile app development trends. Unfolding the device to have a larger screen can leave a positive impact on the audience. Mobile app development company is moving their path towards folding technology in their mobile phones by inclining their users’ approach towards larger screens without compromising their overall size.


A larger screen gives more room for a precise and captivating experience. A user can also benefit from multi-windows as they can perform multiple tasks at the same time.


Samsung launched such foldable gadgets, which led mobile app developers to develop apps that are optimized for such foldable gadgets.


The most beneficial sectors would be video streaming and gaming, because they can generate more audience simply by increasing their screen size or can use up the extra space to provide further details and controls. Therefore, the screen will be one of the most popular mobile app development trends in 2022.


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Source: Avira


3) AI and Machine Learning

How can we not mention AI and machine learning while talking about mobile app development trends? It is crucial to include AI in contemporary applications as it plays a vital role in boosting user engagement, and sales and helps in email marketing to a stretch.


Siri and Chatbots are now universally popular applications thanks to AI and machine learning. The execution of AI in security systems, and household gadgets is already happening. Nowadays, it’s quite common for people to experience smart home or voice searches on the internet due to the existence of AI all around the globe.


One of the biggest advantages of AI and machine learning in the field of software development is:


  • Large scale customization
  • Mood analyzer for identification of users’ current mood and operate accordingly.
  • The least personal interaction as major information would be obtained from AI-based assistance.


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Source: OHO


4) Voice Assistant

Voice assistance will be a game-changer in a short time. Presently, users have suggested projects such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Now, etc which operate only simple activities like searching for online information or altering phone settings. In the latter half, voice assistance-based programs are programmed to handle more complex and robust projects on AI and machine learning. This would decode some crucial tasks leaning on social, economic, and political conditions.


Speaking of Mobile app development trends and technologies, it is predicted that the new assistant program would be able to analyze various things such as whether or not to invest in real estate, which educational service to choose for your child, etc.


Trends of AI Voice Assistants in Mobile App development trends:


  • Voice Assistants in the Healthcare Sector
  • Customized Experience
  • Voice-Enabled Push Notifications
  • Smart Displays



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Source: medium


5) Wearables

Wearables like fitness bands, fitness trackers, and smartwatches are now quite out there in the market. Having said that, the wearable market hasn’t touched the maximum potential mark.


By the end of 2022, it is foreseen that out of the total adult USA population, 25.3% will be inculcating wearable technology in their routines.


By now you have noticed that every other mobile manufacturer has to offer its own version of smartwatch and earbuds. This basically means that they have discovered the growth and opportunity of this market in the upcoming years. In 2022, the developers will concentrate on developing more and more apps keeping smart wearables in their minds.


This also means that users will be soon able to download mobile applications directly from their wrists. The big names had already started working on the same to keep their business in trend and up-to-date and not lose any clients.


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Source: mwrf


6) Mobile wallets

A mobile wallet is a digital wallet in which users can keep their payment information for all future and in-store payments.


The global pandemic made everyone go digital. COVID-19 led to adapting the contactless payment way. This has gradually increased inkling people to choose mobile wallets. This is one of the most interesting mobile app development trends in the upcoming years.


Are you aware that 28% of US shoppers always choose to pay through their smartphones?


Apple Pay is considered to be the most accepted mobile payment to pay in cafes, stores, and other services in the US. Big names like Samsung and HTC have accepted blockchain technology and have already released devices supporting such technology.


By the end of 2025, mobile wallets are likely to replace physical plastic cards like debit and credit cards and make online payments seamless.


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Source: Asia Asset Management


7) Mobile Commerce

The checklist of mobile app development trends for 2022 cannot be summarised without mentioning mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is quite common for ages, but this trend has substantially influenced the market in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and will continue to do so.


The global pandemic played a key role to divert users to mobile commerce for their routine supplies, which has now converted into a trend to shop from mobile applications. M-commerce proved to be one of the most favourable trends for all industries.


As the trend becomes more popular, the app development industry will concentrate on developing more native applications.



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Source: ZealousWeb


8) On-Demand Apps

On-demand applications are equal to third-party apps in which users can engage in services as and when required. One of the most popular examples is Ola and Uber, which offer rides as a service.


There are thousands and thousands of on-demand applications in 2021 and counting. The introduction of newer technology will create more and more demands as people adapt to new ways to live an easy life.



Source: AgloSoft


The Emergence of Multitasking Apps in 2022! 

The latest mobile app development trends are revolutionizing the market for the creation of multipurpose, multitasking apps for smartphones. In the past, these applications were developed to cater to a specific purpose, which included communication, logistics, video calling, etc. Even though your focus is on one particular sector, for example, the healthcare sector, all the facilities have a separate app for fitness, diet, nutrition, etc.


The birth of super Apps is gaining in popularity. Such apps perform a wide spectrum of activities that would cover their maximum users’ needs. This trend has come from Asian countries, where some of the most successful apps are:


  • Natural.AI – This app allows you to order food, pay bills, make purchases, and more.
  • Gojek – This super-app allows the use of daily services, deals with logistics, and calls for online transport. Developed in Indonesia but it is successful internationally.
  • WhatsApp – This app allows users to talk via messenger, mobile payments, do video calls, share documents, and much more.


During the period of 2021-2022, the trend of super-apps will be transferred to other countries too. This trend focuses primarily on communication and payments.



Source: tapsmart


One of the major reasons for the wide adaption of super-applications is that they can efficiently get blended with the latest and most advanced technologies like AI, Cloud, IoT, Wearables, and more. So, the future of mobile app development is quite ingenious and fierce.



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What Will Be the Next Big Jump in Mobile App Development?

In the coming years, desktops will become less essential to customers, especially in retail, and mobile-based ecological communities will overwhelm the eCommerce sector.


The introduction of trendy technologies like 5G, edge computing, AI-powered applications, and wearables will take the lead. Mobile app developers need to keep these new technologies and tools in mind for the computational process.


The availability of new tools and technologies will speed up the development and facilitate it earlier. In the end, the invention of new technologies will change the way people work and make them more tech-addicted and tech-savvy.


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