Every business wants to know how to use social media platforms to increase its online market visibility.


Social media marketing is a successful approach to promoting your company to new consumers while remaining relevant in the hectic internet environment.


Therefore, the question of whether social media is an essential marketing tool is no longer relevant. Which social networking platform should I use now?


It’s true that it can be challenging to launch your product/services on social media for business.


Creating an audience, controlling material, and interacting with fans and followers. Simply put, you don’t have the resources (time, money) to be everywhere at once.


Additionally, that is not a wise choice. Some of the current social media business platforms will eventually disappear to make way for Recall Myspace and Google+? That is what we mean, yes.


You can pick from a variety of business social network platform today. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for marketers to segment their audiences.


After all, your ultimate objective should be to connect with the appropriate audience on the appropriate social networking sites.
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Most Effective Social Media Platforms For Marketing


It’s crucial that you answer the question “which social media should I use?” wisely and early on.


Which social media should I use to gain more customers? This is a question we’ve answered for you in the short advice below.


We’ll provide an overview of the marketing capabilities and features available on each social media business platform.


In terms of exposure to business,


Facebook Marketing Facebook


Facebook continues to be one of the most widely used networks across the board, regardless of what new social media platform as business platforms emerge on the scene. Sixty-one percent of its 2 billion monthly active users are between the ages of 25 and 54.


Facebook is often a terrific social media business platform.


Facebook can be a terrific tool for exhibiting your company’s more human side when appropriately handled.


Establishing connections with prospects and clients.


Facebook offers a good even spread in terms of user demographics across the board.


This brings us to another reason why we advise every small company to set up a Facebook page.


You can discover your audience on Facebook whether you’re aiming for men or women, teenagers or elders, high income or low income.


Facebook is the perfect social media platform for businesses with a wide range of target markets because of this.


You may connect with a broad demographic of people on Facebook who are interested in your type of brand.


Facebook’s platform not only enables you to reach a variety of audiences. But it also aids in a number of business objectives that you can achieve.


Using their Facebook business page, brands can:


4 goals for facebook business page


  • Build brand awareness
  • More lead Generation
  • drive visitors to their website
  • Provide high quality customer service

Because of this, Facebook is a flexible platform that is necessary for all businesses, regardless of their size or sector.


Many different kinds of content are suited for Facebook.


You can share your material, post fast text updates, upload pictures, and videos, link to your website, establish a forum, and more.


Conversation in the comments area.


Posting content that demonstrates an alternative aspect of your company is the key to effective Facebook marketing.


Facebook does let you reach a lot of people, but there is a lot of competition there as well, so you need to be at the top of your game.


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Instagram Marketing Instagram

In the last few years, Instagram has really emerged as a major player in the social media space.


Over the past five years, Instagram’s user base has grown steadily, with current estimates placing it at a staggering 1 billion users.


Additionally, the fact that these users are engaged every day is even more crucial.


Compared to many other social networks, this one has a better potential for engagement.


Instagram’s viewership is growing every year, making it appealing that it can assist some businesses in finding a solution to their problem:


Which social networks ought I use?


Instagram’s features make it the perfect platform for companies with visual products.


Because of this, firms in more creative industries frequently succeed on Instagram.


However, any company that has a visually compelling tale to tell may draw in and keep its audience here.


Images and videos are the foundation of Instagram’s platform.


But it also provides a range of entertaining and interesting features, such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, that assist marketers in providing a behind-the-scenes look.


A more human perspective on their operations,


A small business might decide to sell its brand on Instagram for a variety of reasons.


You must share high-quality photographs if you want to succeed on Instagram for business.


It is advantageous to have a team member with photography expertise or, at the very least, a creative eye for detail.


These shouldn’t be limited to pictures of your goods.


Additionally, photographs that showcase various facets of the lifestyle that your products support and tell the tale of your items are also important.


Since Instagram has a high level of engagement, you must make sure that. Whoever manages your company’s Instagram marketing discovers fresh methods to interact with your fans and followers.


A fantastic technique to increase the reach of your posts on the platform is to use relevant and well-liked hashtags.


Having an Instagram contest might be another efficient strategy to increase your following on the platform.


You can now take advantage of Facebook’s ad platform for Instagram, as it is now a part of the social media business.


Your Instagram ads can target particular demographics.


The nicest aspect is that these advertisements show up in the user’s feed as native content so that their experience is not interfered with.

To help you get the most out of your online advertising budget, we also offer Instagram advertising services if you need assistance with Instagram ads.
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Twitter Marketing Twitter

For companies looking to communicate in real time with their leads and consumers, Twitter is still a popular tool.


The present moment is what this platform is all about! enabling you to instantly distribute news, announcements, and other crucial information.


This network is perfect for firms with a younger target audience because the majority of its users are under the age of 50.


Additionally, this platform is perfect for companies that create easily readable material. How-to pieces and listicles frequently do well on Twitter.


Images, facts, and other straightforward information, such as quotations, also perform well on Twitter.


This is just a quick overview of the various Twitter audience demographics that may assist you in choosing which social media to employ.


Real-time chatting on Twitter is one of its most distinctive features. Because of this, it’s a fantastic social networking site for customer support.


Customers can tweet your company and receive a real-time reaction when they have a problem or a question.


Some customers would rather communicate via social media than via phone or email. They have the ideal opportunity to do so on Twitter.




Twitter may help your business in a variety of ways.


Twitter isn’t the right venue for every business, even while it might be great for short-form content. You might want to divert your attention if your company relies heavily on visuals.


If you frequently update your brand blog and love recommending pertinent stuff from other sources to your customers and followers.


Then Twitter will probably be successful for you.


In the end, Twitter is one of the best channels for rapidly disseminating information about your company. Useful hashtags might increase your visibility.


Additionally, you can reach more users by having other users retweet your material.


However, if you use this platform, it’s crucial that you strike a balance between sharing content from third parties, branded content, and your own content.
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Pinterest Marketingpinterest

Another visually-focused social media site is Pinterest.


Users can design visual digital bulletin boards and categorize them using this tool.


You might be asking how this can assist you in determining which platform to use for social media platform for business.


Well, if you work in a certain area that Pinterest targets or have a visual brand, then.


This social business platform can be ideal for assisting you in engaging and connecting with your audience.


Let’s start with some demographic basics. With 317 million unique monthly users, Pinterest is a fantastic platform for attracting new customers.


There is an equal distribution of users of all ages on Pinterest. However, women make up the majority of active users.


Let’s start with some demographic basics. With 317 million unique monthly users, Pinterest is a fantastic platform for attracting new customers.


There is an equal distribution of users of all ages on Pinterest. However, women make up the majority of active users.


As much as millennials use Instagram, they also utilize Pinterest.


Therefore, if the majority of your target audience is female millennials, this can be a worthwhile use of your time.


Although almost anything can be searched for and pinned on Pinterest, these are the most popular categories:


DIY tasks include fashion, beauty, weddings, travel, photography, and food/recipes.


You will find a sizable and engaged audience on Pinterest if your brand is in one of these sectors.


Compared to people who discover things on other social media platforms, make an eCommerce buy. In fact, Pinterest is used by almost 90% of users to plan purchases.


It follows that a large number of users are prepared to make a purchase and are in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.


For B2C firms looking to increase conversions, Pinterest is great.


70% of social users switched to pinterest specially for inspiration


Users of Pinterest are searching for shopping inspiration.


These customers are probably in the deciding stages of the purchasing process.


The Rich Pin is one of Pinterest’s most useful features for businesses.


Rich Pins let businesses add extra features to their pins, including product specifications or route maps.


By including the metadata on the pin itself, this feature aids pinners in learning more about the goods they enjoy.


Rich Pins make it simple for customers to learn more about your products and move forward with a purchase.


Additionally, Pinterest offers promoted pins, which are effectively clickable advertisements that direct viewers to specific product pages.


Similar to Instagram, when users search for pertinent terms, these adverts show up as native content in the user’s feed.


Users love the ad experience better as a result of this.


Additionally, given that many people are prepared to buy, they can be persuaded to click and make a purchase depending on what they see.


Starting with Pinterest can be a little challenging. You must be well-versed in the platform and know how to make use of it.


Similar to that, handling your content and advertisements on this site can take some time.


Because of this, many businesses choose Pinterest management and advertising services.


They can therefore concentrate on their primary duties while receiving the assistance they require to expand their company on this well-known social media site.
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LinkedIn MarketingLinked-in

For B2B companies trying to broaden their reach and develop relationships with leads, LinkedIn is a powerful network of social media platform for business.


LinkedIn is the most widely used platform for professional networking, with 260 million users per month.


It’s the best location for finding and interacting with leads, as well as for hiring fresh talent. Enhancing your standing as an authority in your field and marketing your company in general.


These statistics highlight how effective LinkedIn can be as a tool for business promotion.


Given that LinkedIn was created as a social network for professionals.


Users on this platform anticipate interacting with and connecting with other businesses and professions.


Eighty percent of LinkedIn users want to interact with brands to make better purchasing decisions.


Furthermore, 50% of LinkedIn users say they are more inclined to make a purchase from a business they interact with on LinkedIn.




Here is just one strategy for using LinkedIn to market your business and attract more clients and consumers.


Despite not being the best marketing channel for B2C firms, LinkedIn presents enormous prospects for B2B businesses.


You can use LinkedIn to locate the precise businesses, career openings, and industries you’re looking for.


If you want to influence business decision-makers in the technology sector, for instance.


To identify the precise individuals who are most likely to be interested in what your company has to offer, search CTOs. The best way to establish authority in your field is through LinkedIn.


LinkedIn allows you to publish stuff directly or share content from your website or blog.


This presents a fantastic chance for you to communicate your thoughts and views to prospects, clients, and other professionals in your field.


On LinkedIn, you may also join groups for your sector, providing you the chance to interact with individuals there and establish more authority.


Additionally, LinkedIn offers an advertising platform that can help you promote your business, enhance website conversions, and boost traffic.


LinkedIn advertising assists you in connecting with high-level executives and other decision-makers who are more educated and professional.


You may target users with LinkedIn advertisements by occupation, job title, industry, geography, and more.


As a result, it serves as the perfect advertising platform for B2B firms looking to target a specific audience and boost return on investment.
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Which Social Media Should You Use?

Now that you are aware of all the various social media business platforms, you can use them for your marketing.


It is time to respond to the query, which social networking platform should I use?


The answer to this question will mostly rely on how frequently your target audience uses certain media, as well as.


Which social media sites are most advantageous for your brand?


Consider the following inquiries as you begin to reduce your options:

  • What social media platforms are my target customers using?
  • Where are my audience’s main locations?
  • Which social media platforms does my audience search on?

Choose one after looking over all of the aforementioned channels and taking into account what each can do for your brand.


You’ll then know the answer to the question, “which social media platform should i use?


You should avoid attempting to be everywhere at once, even though you might wish to invest in more than one channel.


This is a definite way to go over budget and overextend your crew.


Do you need additional assistance deciding which social media to use?


The Syndell team would be delighted to speak with your company to ascertain whether.


The most effective social media platforms for marketing make the best use of your time and money.


In order to free up your time to focus on what matters most, we can also assist you in creating a social media strategy and managing your daily social media chores.
Discover more about our social media marketing company. And when you’re prepared to begin, get in touch with us.