Social media sales will help your business channels to generate a hefty ROI.


Many organizations use social media to engage with fans and grow their brand. Social media is not about showing off your brand or service; in fact, your business can grow in multiple ways through social media. It is the only platform that allows us to connect globally. Social media has a direct impact on buyers. Therefore, many businesses use these platforms to promote their latest brands, products, and services.


Read this blog to learn about the 6 most effective ways that can help you to drive your sales from social media. 


1. Stay Where Your Audience Is

The first thing you need to know about social media is to use the same platforms as your audience. For example, you can not get your B2B customers every time from Instagram.First, look at your target statistics and figure out the most active zone. Of course, you can promote your brand or service everywhere, but it is ideal to stay in the same place as your audience. If you’re approaching a B2B audience, then Linkedin is the best option. However, LinkedIn and Facebook also have a huge user base. 


A keyhole is an excellent tool for exploring the activity of your target audience. You can use a famous hashtag that your competitors can use for their campaigns and then conduct a search utilizing keyhole. Let’s try tracking the #TATAIPL hashtag from IPL as an example to see how it’s done.


2. Create the Best Content But Don’t make it Pushy.

While deciding on quality over quantity sounds natural, many digital marketers are wrong about this. Social media users have accurate predictions. Therefore, you will not be able to engage with the audience if you provide average content. Spend your time in the creation of a smaller amount of high-quality content. Do not post a bunch of low-quality content. This is how you and your prospects can handle the content. Social platforms are not just for buying and selling. Do not forget that many people are using these platforms to socialize virtually. Therefore, do not push your audience too much to sell your products.


According to an expert:


“I encourage my clients not to focus so directly on sales when it comes to social, unless they’re driving an ad campaign with revenue-driven objectives. That’s not the point of social media, although it does happen often because of the role social plays in the consideration process.” – Chelsea McDonald, senior social media strategist at DEG Digital.


We’re not saying that social media can not increase your sales. Of course, it can. But you must make valuable content to consistently engage with your audience.
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3. Invest in a Social media Marketing Company

There are millions of social media users. Your marketing strategy will be ineffective if you have not managed to engage with your audience through a perfect social media platform. Make sure that the audience will take notice of your brand. Every social media has the option of creating and promoting your content. This will increase the visibility of your brand among the selected audience. Increasing visibility will drive your sales from social media. You can advertise your products on Instagram stories along with regular ads. The online luxury fashion retailer YOOX has increased its brand awareness and increased their sales through advertisements in the form of stories.


From Facebook ads, a gift book publisher LoveBook has raised its brand awareness and conversions. Similarly, you can invest in many ad campaigns on Twitter or sponsored posts on Gmail to reach the ideal audience on Linkedin.


You can even customize your ads as per the latest view of a customer on your website. This will remind them about their buying options and make them go through a buying process.


4. Use Social listening to find the suitable topics related to your audience

It pays to understand your audience. When brands exhibit that “they know their customers and know their needs and wants,” 43 % of customers will buy from that brand from their competitors. Social listening will allow organizations to tap into public interactions that amplify their understanding of their consumers, industry, and competitors. social media sales will give insight into the recent trends and engagement with your audience, reveal the statements around particular brand campaigns, and transform your brand from the competition. 


Social media listening will hold the answers to your business, and with experience comes power.


5. Use Buyable Pins to Simplify the Purchase Process

According to, sales derived from ads/postings on Pinterest have an average order value of $50 higher than on other popular social media platforms. It’s also the second most popular social media source for traffic to Shopify stores.


Pinterest is the best platform to market your products as it is the most visually oriented site. As per Shopify, apart from Instagram and Facebook– Pinterest has an average order value of 50$. It is the second source for traffic generation, especially for Shopify stores. Rich Pins and Buyable Pins will simplify the buying process in Pinterest. These pins will display the necessary information about your service or brand. Therefore, people can make the right decision in purchasing various things.


You can post your product’s image with a virtual price tag and mention the product description in the caption so that the customer will know everything about your product. Buyable pins will make the shopping process easier as they allow people to finish their buying process on the platform. As a result, they don’t need to visit the website to finish their shopping.


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6. Check that you’re posting at the right time

The timing of posting is a very crucial part of social media. People have a general time for using social media. Most people use their social media after working hours. Therefore, the night is the ideal time. Posting your content at the right time will improve your impression, conversions, and engagement. Data will let you know that the worst time to post on Facebook is Saturday. However, the audience is unpredictable. Research your social media platforms and find out the best time for your products. Publishing at the right time creates more exposure for your brand and, ultimately, more chances to entice a sale.


  • Twitter: 65 % more engagement & 44 % more impressions.


  • Facebook: Optimal content had 135% more engagement & 62% more impression.


  • Instagram: 97% more engagement & 59 % more impressions.


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Final words

We’ve covered some of the best strategies for driving sales via various social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


These strategies will not only increase your sales, but it will also build the trust of your brand in the targeted audience. After reading this, are you still looking for answers on how to boost sales? Syndell will answer your questions with a powerful social media marketing team to meet your needs. Drop-in comments for more details on the social media sales.