The days have gone by when businesses used old strategies for bookings, such as phone calls or emails to confirm bookings and appointments for their customers/clients. Are you using WooCommerce bookings and appointments plugins to run your business?


With woocommerce booking plugin free, you can easily manage appointments, schedules, customers, payment methods and more. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the features and benefits of this powerful plugin. So, let’s get started!?


WooCommerce plugins do all the hard work for you and your business by providing the best online features such as online calendar payments, paying through PayPal, and synchronization with additional features such as Google Calendar.

When you offer products or services on your WooCommerce store, it’ll allow your customers to directly connect with you. It decreases your workload and reorganizes your booking process. As the plugin works 24/7, it’ll definitely save you time and money.


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Currently, there are several WooCommerce booking plugin and WooCommerce appointment plugin that are doing the rounds in the market- both paid and free. Paid plugins deliver unusual offerings with a wide range of services.


This article will guide you with the best WooCommerce booking and appointment plugins that can be installed at any WooCommerce store and easily start your booking process for products and services. We’ve covered the Top 15 free woocommerce booking plugins and woocommerce appointment plugins and expanded our views to include appointment booking.


You can choose the best booking plugins that suit your needs and your business model from the list below and transform your business model expectations into a reality.


    • WordPress Appointment Booking By MotoPress

    MotoPress has moved on to creating a powerful booking engine for appointment-based businesses. WordPress Appointment Booking plugins are just gaining traction until they finally become another top-rated booking tool.


    You’ll definitely get a solid appointment reservation plugin with a huge scope of applications and any business scalability, which means you have enough functionality to satisfy the needs of your clients, large companies, or just one solopreneur. The plugins let you set your custom time slots and buffer time before and after the actual appointment.


    The second most highlighted feature is the WordPress booking calendar. Owners can edit their information, while users can view their data in a way that’s very easy to perceive. The booking calendar also discloses information about the services or products, chooses one or multiple employees, and chooses the needed location.


    The MotoPress Appointment Booking Plugin ensures the most convenient display. View all the needed data, and track your booking status in one place.

    • Simply Schedule Appointments

    When it comes to organizing, you want an all-in-one solution or everything in one place. Something that allows you to add services and support for various times and dates includes a booking calendar, and that makes it simple for you to manage appointments booked.


    This is a great option for making a simple booking appointment. With the plugin installed, you can create and add appointment types for all of your services. Simply scheduled appointments even have built-in double booking prevention- so once a time slot is booked for a service, it can’t be re-booked under other services.


    Once you start accepting bookings, they’re simple to manage. Owners can view all upcoming and past appointments right from the WordPress dashboard, and with the upcoming appointments, you can add a module to any post or page so logged-in clients can view their bookings.


    • Amelia Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking

    Amelia is one of the most powerful appointments booking plugins you can choose for your business. This booking solution will work 24/7 so you never miss any of your genuine customers, and you’re ready to rock all the time.


    The Amelia booking plugin includes easy-to-use features to build your solopreneur booking forms. Options include support for multiple employees along with the ability to add specific services and time off for each.


    Customers can use the interactive appointments calendar and unique step-by-step booking sorcerer with faceted filtering to find an appointment time for specific services with a specific staff member.


    • Booknetic

    With Booknetic, you can easily make appointments and book reservations to grow your business. This modern appointment calendar includes several features to save you money and time, as well as make the booking process seamless for customers.


    From creation to payment processing, Booknetic can do it all. You can utilize Booknetic to create your own automated appointment booking system for your website. Using built-in options in the live form builder for the color scheme, staff, locations, and more, you can create a form perfectly tailored to your business.


    Booknetic also authorized you to accept payments or deposits before an appointment time. Utilize WooCommerce to seamlessly integrate your booking calendar with added payment options.


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    •  Vik Appointments

    Build a complete appointment and scheduling system for your business with WordPress and Vik Appointments. This plugin is full of features to make managing your time quick and easy. With Vik, you have the option to add services, durations, time slots, and even employee availability.


    Vik Appointment also makes it easy to manage reservations and customer invoices. You can even set alerts for email and SMS to let customers know when their reservation has been confirmed. Making the appointment booking process seamless for your clients, from start to finish.


    • WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments

    WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments by Plugin will be one of the best choices no matter what your business will be. This flexible booking plugin makes it easy to set up on your site for booking at any particular time.


    Another beneficial point is that you can enable the ability for clients to select multiple appointments in one booking. The plugin allows individual pricing for every staff member.


    This way, your team can charge according to the services. You can also allow booking add-ons for any extra services or features you might offer.


    • Book An Appointment Online PRO

    Make it easy for your clients to book an appointment online, PRO. This plugin allows users to book according to team members; they select a date and time according to preferences. The plugins’ calendars and selections are responsive; booking is quick and easy on any device.


    Book an Appointment Online PRO is a breeze to set up on your WordPress site. Add as many staff members as you would like to choose from 2 different work schedules, set up the booking time format, add PayPal checkout, and more.


    • Appointment Booking And Online Scheduling

    The Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling plugin by vCita is the best option to add an appointment form to your WordPress website. These are perfect for booking events, one on one services, and much more.


    vCita’s plugin offers options for online scheduling such as service appointments with specific staff members, booking confirmations, and payment support. The plugin syncs with the vCita mobile app to notify you instantly about new booking requests or to send appointment reminders. It also allows you to send messages and files to clients before you meet.


    For more features, upgrade to the vCita Business Management premium plan. It’ll depend on the plan you choose; this can be featured for analytics coupons, client texting, email marketing, and even priority support.


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    • Bookly Appointment Booking And Scheduling

    If you’re searching for powerful appointment booking and scheduling WordPress plugins, then you’ve probably come across Bookly before. Bookly is mobile and translation ready, so your forms will look great in any language on any device.


    Plus, built-in support for email and SMS notification plus Google Calendar integration ensure your customers never miss an appointment.


    • Appointment Booking Calendar

    If you’re looking for simple appointment booking needs, then the Appointment Booking Calendar could be the best choice. It offers greater functionality than many free versions of comparable plugins.


    The main features of this plugin are bookable time slots, email notifications, customization of availability, and many more. In order to access many of the best features, you need to shell out for the premium version.


    If you charge your customers to make an appointment, this plugin isn’t the best idea, as the free version only works with PayPal.


    • Templatic Appointment Booking

    Templatic’s offering to the booking world is different from most. It doesn’t just present the user with a calendar; it takes them directly to the form. These come up when a user clicks on the date section.


    This is more like the kind of setup your customers will be used to if they book a lot of flights or hotel rooms. The Templatic Booking WordPress plugin will enable advanced booking features inside your theme, which is perfect for rentals.


    These plugins allow your customers to pay with a direct bank transfer. Other additional features include a variable booking form, seasonal prices, and the ability to offer the customer other services with their booking.


    • Appointments

    Appointments are a completely free bookings plugin available for WordPress sites. One of the best features of this plugin is, if you have multiple staff members that handle appointments, you can give each of them their own calendar- so that customers can pick which of your employees they’d prefer to book with.


    The client can pick from a list of services, and if each one is assigned to a different employee, then they’ll automatically go with that employee. It takes just three clicks for a customer to book an appointment; one to select a time, one to continue to the confirmation screen, and one to confirm.


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    • Booked Appointment Booking

    Booked is an appointment manager with plenty of features and options to build an appointment booking form for your business. It accepts guest bookings to register for an account, allows users to manage their pending and approved appointments, create multiple calendars, accepts paid bookings using Booked WooCommerce integration, and more.


    Booked Appointment Booking is easy to customize. You can choose from various color options, layouts, login, customizable emails, etc.


    • Easy Appointments

    These plugins are very easy to use. WordPress easy appointment is a quick and simple way to add an appointment system to your WordPress site. This plugin supports multiple services, employee locations, and a flexible timetable so you can create an advanced timetable of appointment options.


    When it comes to forming styles,  keep it easy. Choose a column layout, drag-drop form fields, add prices or labels, and many more.


    • Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Calendar

    Booking Ultra Pro Plugin offers great features to build a calendar and manage your appointments via your WordPress site. Users can book an appointment in 4 easy steps to save time, then the plugin will add the reservations to your individual staff so they can manage their own upcoming appointment.


    The Booking Ultra Pro Appointments Calendar offers a premium upgrade for mobile payments, private notes, calendars, multiple locations, and many more.

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Wrapping Up The Best Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins

Appointment Booking WordPress plugins will let you book an appointment via WordPress. You have various options from which you can choose. A guide like this will prevent that from happening, and you can go with the best.


Contact us for WordPress development services and share your opinions if you have any queries about WordPress booking plugins.