Businesses have a hard time standing out from the crowd these days. To stay relevant, they need to develop new and innovative ways to reach their customers continually. If you are suffering from poor lead generation it is because of poor marketing or maybe there’s something different missing: like an online presence! More often than not, people prefer doing business online nowadays. And if people can’t find your company online, they may never start doing business with you. So having a website is the first step toward building an online presence that will help propel your business further.


Your website not only lets people get to know your web app development company, but it also provides your customers with enough information to help them choose how they want to handle and deal with their products or services. With that said, you’re probably wondering now exactly which platform or type of software might be the best suited for you and your needs. But don’t worry, we’ll settle this issue for you by sharing with you some important factors regarding the PHP vs WordPress platform debate so that way you can ultimately decide for yourself which is better for either improving upon what you have already or possibly building a new site from scratch all over again!


The business world has changed a lot, and it’s cyclical. All through the years, technology has brought significant change that continues to drive the economy. But your company’s success largely depends on if you are willing to adapt to this ever-changing society. In addition, there is a lot of competition online nowadays, so if your business is struggling to keep up in today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s time for you to go head-to-head with these new rivals by starting an online strategy of your own.


Every business desires to capture a wider share of potential customers after all. It would be pretty easy if more platforms were explicitly designed for small businesses to set up correctly and you already have everything you need. With so many options to choose from, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed trying to decide which framework or CMS will be the one to use as the foundation of your website because when those foundations are right, all the other things come in rapid succession.


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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an operating system for your website. We can often refer to WordPress as a CMS (content management system). You might be thinking, “why does my content need a manager?” It’s because you have to create compelling content and organise it so that people want to go back to your site – this takes work and knowledge of how everything works, but the tools are there, so why not take advantage of them?


Compared to other CMSs, WordPress is unique because it offers many outstanding features for your website. Like many other CMSs, WordPress powers many websites operating right now on the internet. However, something sets it apart from other content management systems available: WordPress has outstanding flexibility, design versatility and security. All of these things make WordPress the top choice. Below, you can learn why this platform is preferred among others worldwide!


What Is PHP?

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s a scripting language run by the computer that helps connect input, output and control while processing information between client and server. This allows users to place data on a website and see and compute results through it via textual responses. There are some situations where PHP can take its toll-like having to deal with projects like spam or leaked data. Still, if used carefully, it has many practical purposes that make it one of the best programming languages for web development today!


A programming language is a set of instructions and codes that result in several outputs, one of which is web development. There are about 10,000 different programming languages out there! A partial list includes anything ranging from AppleScript up to XSLT. But, just like English and Spanish, there are several languages for humans and computers alike. Who uses this language? In simple terms, it is an alphabet composed of 0’s and 1’s that becomes understandable to machines, and then by using interpreters or compilers, they can read human code.


Why Should You Choose WordPress CMS for Web Development?


Why Should You Choose WordPress CMS for Web Development

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According to reports, WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market. That means more than half of the websites are built upon WordPress. Since many factors have been reported as increasing WordPress’ popularity (including its ease of use and range of plugins), one of the most straightforward reasons why it has been adopted so widely is because the price is a huge factor: the cost to set up a new website using WordPress is not expensive compared to other options, particularly from an operations and maintenance perspective.


WordPress is a free platform used by thousands of people. It’s available for download and can be installed by anyone. In addition, there are several WordPress development services out there in the market to choose from. WordPress was created in 2003 and is currently maintained by Automattic (a holding company based in San Francisco).


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What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Here are the key benefits provided with WordPress:


  • Simple to Use

    These days, it’s not as tricky as it once was to build a website. Things like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have made the process considerably easier for web designers. Now, ordinary folks can design a personal site without being coders or programmers themselves, just through the use of pre-made templates.


  • Loads of Plugins for broadening functionality

    WordPress may not have a one size fits all appearance. Still, its beauty is that there are many customizable features you can use to tailor your website or blog to match your sense of style. WordPress also provides plenty of tools that you can use to make things go more smoothly, like having access to numerous themes, plugins and web development techniques.


  • Untangular SEO metrics

    Many people who have used WordPress have come to love the popular app because of its SEO features. Out of all platforms, WordPress has been one of the most SEO friendly and optimized CMSs.


  • Responsive and Flexible

    Have you ever wondered how some websites automatically adjust to the size of your device? It is a capability that is called Responsiveness. Many WordPress themes come with responsive design and functionality like easy-to-use media management, so it’s probably the most scalable system on the market. It can seamlessly adjust to different screen sizes.


Why Should You Choose PHP Framework for Web Development?

Why Should You Choose PHP Framework for Web-Development

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  • An Introduction to PHP

    “the language of the web”! Why is PHP code referred to as a dynamic programming language? The advantages of using PHP are endless, and that’s why it’s being adopted around the globe. First, look at some benefits and features that bring your web development approach to life.


  • Scalable

    PHP is a server-side programming language that allows web developers to build complete applications known as scripts. One of the best things about PHP is that it will enable developers to implement code snippets using customized requirements. The speed improvements come from the use of PHP frameworks and libraries, allowing for the easy development of highly interactive websites or web applications.


  • Effective performance

    Unlike other programming languages, programming has its syntax to learn and understand. If you’re doing it right, coding (often referred to as programing) can become a fun way to read and write code, but this depends on the choices of the programming language used by the programmer. Some people enjoy writing, for example, in JavaScript, which is often considered a more accessible programming language than PHP, for instance. Regardless of the option you choose, though, your decision will always be based on your experience and goals in that field because some concepts are far more capable than others of getting specific jobs done with relatively fewer lines of code.


  • Budget-Friendly

    PHP is the universal language for developing web-based business applications, so it’s no surprise that its dominance leaves little room for other languages to shine. With free and advanced web solutions built into its programming, PHP has everything businesses need to take their operations to the next level. And since it’s open-source and cost-free, there isn’t any reason not to build your next application in PHP!


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PHP vs WordPress – Difference Between CMS and Programming Language

Since many development frameworks and CMSs are available for web designers to pick from when integrating them with a website, there is a lot to choose from. However, it can be not easy at first because some developers/designers may feel out of place or in over their heads. Ultimately, picking between PHP and WordPress is often challenging and complex if you don’t know what you’re looking for.


When it comes to choosing between WordPress and PHP frameworks, there are as many differences as there are similarities, which is why people have a hard time choosing the best option for their needs. However, several facts show why WordPress has generally considered the better possibility when it comes down to this, but some Website developers don’t agree with those findings.


  • Framework

    WordPress is a widely-used CMS built using different features and design elements. Hire WordPress developers have access to thousands upon thousands of themes and plugins, allowing them to choose from various functionalities. The code libraries created by WordPress create what’s known as the WordPress framework, which will enable developers to further alter their theme in multiple ways. Not only that, but it also makes it easy for new users to jump in and understand how things work. There are tons of people online you can ask when stuck with questions! Finally, thanks to frameworks like this (and other helpful tools like Stripe), some of the most highly talented developers can use their skills on these kinds of platforms, making them an attractive option for those looking to launch startups all over the world.


  • Scalability & Customization

    Many business idea owners are very interested in the way they can have the best legal protection for their new enterprise. When it comes to analyzing PHP vs WordPress, WordPress goes ahead as a winner. When wanting flexibility, developers can provide a fair amount of options to you, but they will cost more than they would if you went with WordPress.


  • User Experience

    Web-based user experience is not to be ignored. It applies to the web and every single other industry and sector. Regardless of which industry you happen to be in, a significant usability factor makes your website all the more welcome, which can help it grow a more extensive customer base in return. See if your website is created by an expert PHP developer within the framework of a CMS that has easy-to-use GUI design and functional drag-and-drop features, and easy access to back-end features. Your users can visit your webpage with no prior knowledge of exactly how your site was established. This makes for easier interaction and communication between you and them!


    WordPress developers believe WordPress has many plugins, making the website-building process much more efficient. On the other hand, PHP is more open to exploration and change, resulting in surprising flexibility. Therefore, PHP is preferred in this race between PHP vs WordPress UX due to its versatility.


  • Security

    WordPress is programmed using PHP, which is why the two work so well together. Because PHP makes it easier for WordPress to function, switching from one to the other would be difficult. When you use a secure WordPress development company, these programmers will apply best practices, and your website and its users will remain safe from a technical perspective. Overall, PHP and WordPress are secure options that can be used individually or together.


  • SEO-friendly

    Unlike themes and plugins, WordPress CMS has many features that appeal to web developers, and SEO friendliness is one of them. However, it’ll be wrong to claim that this is one of the best content management system services in the market for building a website that ranks high on search engines. With the help of websites, the purposeful goal of marketers is to make the page rank high so that it can bring thousands of visitors to any online presence. On the other hand, PHP makes your website more efficient and easier to manage by Google and other search engines. When it comes to preparing an SEO-friendly website using a PHP framework, the only challenge faced by website owners is managing URLs which isn’t too challenging. If you aren’t ready to risk mismanaging URLs, WordPress has your back as an option that gives you an edge in any web optimization game because its very easily adaptable.



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How Syndell Can Help Businesses Choose the Best Between PHP vs WordPress?

WordPress and PHP are distinct languages with little in common, making it challenging to compare them directly. However, investing time to understand the pros and cons of your project is essential.


For your custom website needs, consider hiring a WordPress development company in the USA and UK or a freelance WordPress developer in the USA and UK. They can provide custom WordPress development services, allowing you to transform leads into sales and create a website with a unique look and intricate details using WordPress’s beginner-friendly themes. If you aim to learn programming and seek coding flexibility, PHP offers abundant options.


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