Laravel is one of the premier PHP frameworks used in web development, famed for its modular structure, MVC architecture pattern and comprehensive documentation. Developers seeking to quickly create robust apps often turn to Laravel for faster app creation.


Laravel offers web developers worldwide an abundance of features and tools, making it the go-to choice. As excitement for version 11 grows among both web developers and enthusiasts alike, its expected release (scheduled for first quarter 2024) seems distant; details regarding groundbreaking new features have already started making headlines and building anticipation across the development community.


If you’re eager to discover all the benefits of Laravel, then it’s time to dive in and explore what it has to offer. Let’s get started!



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Guide of Laravel 11 Release Date 

According to our Support Policy, Laravel 11 will be released on February 6th 2024.


Version PHP Release Bug Fixes Until Security Fixes Until
8 7.3 – 8.1 8th September 2020 26th July 2022 24th January 2023
9 8.0 – 8.2 8th February 2022 8th August 2023 6th February 2024
10 8.1 – 8.2 14th February 2023 6th August 2024 4th February 2025
11 8.2 Q1 2024 5th August 2025 3rd February 2026

With Laravel 11 now out on the market, its release should come as great news for developers; however it should also be kept in mind that upgrading all projects at once isn’t required. Version 6 marked its final LTS (Long-Term Support) release but each major version of Laravel receives support with updates for two years, giving developers plenty of time to prepare and make any necessary upgrades.


Laravel 10 will continue receiving bug fixes until August 6th 2024 and security fixes until February 4th 2025; so web developers can take advantage of its stability and support while anticipating what Laravel 11 has in store for web development.


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How Can I Install Laravel 11?

By specifying the “-dev flag” during installation, Laravel can be programmed to download and install only the master branch from “laravel/laravel” repository.



laravel new hello-world –dev


If you’re inclined towards a hands-on installation experience, then Composer is the way to go.



composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel hello-world dev-master


What’s new in Laravel 11?

Laravel continues to develop and improve, and we can expect Taylor Otwell and the Laravel team to deliver a cutting-edge PHP framework that meets modern web development. Once we know which features will be included in Laravel 11, set for release on February 2024, here is our best guess of what they will bring forth!


  • PHP 8.1 support dropped

Laravel 11, the acclaimed web framework is making headlines again by making an unexpected and bold move by discontinuing support for PHP version 8.1 in favour of supporting versions 8.2 and 8.3, expected to be released simultaneously with Laravel 11. This forward-thinking decision allows Laravel to remain up-to-date with modern technologies while leaving outdated ones behind.


Prior to upgrading your Laravel applications to the latest version, it’s crucial that you conduct thorough tests. A hasty update could potentially disrupt client projects or employee productivity; take the time necessary to ensure your applications are compatible and stable before making any major moves.


Staying ahead in web development requires being cutting-edge and innovative. Laravel 11’s decision to drop support for PHP 8.1 exemplifies this commitment to growth.



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Other GitHub pull requests hinting at Laravel 11 new features are as follows:

No code changes were made as part of this update, except to correct issues related to cursor pagination model casting bugfix and doc block type for dispatchAfterCommit queue property. 


Laravel 11 New Features
[10.x] Cursor pagination model casting bugfix #46707 Click Here
[10.x] Fix doc block type for dispatchAfterCommit queue property. #46704 Click Here
Add generic type hints to collections returned from Stringable methods #46702 Click Here
[9.x] withCount doesn’t use other database connection for joins when hasManyThrough #46675 Click Here
[11.x] Do not change relative path to absolute one #46668 Click Here
[10.x] Support array syntax for casts #46649 Click Here
[10.x] Add support for Attribute union return types #46624 Click Here
[10.x] Escaping functionality within the Grammar #46558 Click Here
[9.x] Return non-zero exit code for uncaught exceptions #46541 Click Here
[10.x] Configuration value injection #46530 Click Here
[10.x] Add pipe function to Process layer #46527 Click Here
[10.x] Update RedisTagSet now() to Carbon::now() #46396 Click Here
feat(sqs-fifo): add support for fifo type of sqs queue driver #46364 Click Here
[10.x] Named static methods for middleware #46362 Click Here
[10.x] Revert facade changes #46255 Click Here
[10.x] Command Input Validation #46037 Click Here
[11.x] Adds mail notifications using mailable #45943 Click Here


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Explore Participate in Laravel 11 Development

Your power to create something truly revolutionary in Laravel 11 lies with you! Don’t take my word for it; prove it for yourself!


Just head over to GitHub’s Laravel/framework repository and see what others have done already. From there, you can work on an idea that would solve an issue you are having with Laravel 11 framework and submit it for review – and ultimately have your feature added to Laravel 11!


Make sure that whatever you add will benefit developers while remaining simple to manage in the long term. So if you feel inspired, give it a go!



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Laravel 11 promises to be a transformative release that enhances developer experience and adds additional value to the Laravel community. Yet many more features will likely be coming until February 2024 that enhance developers’ experiences working with Laravel 11.

Laravel is the perfect tool to expand your web development skills to the next level, whether that means building custom Laravel applications from scratch or upgrading an existing Laravel app to the latest version. Our experienced Laravel developers offer top-tier Laravel development services so we can assist in creating the digital presence you require for your business. Let’s get working together on your next development project today. Contact us Now!