Are you a learner looking for a Laravel for web development or a businessperson looking for a  laravel development company that creates applications using the Laravel framework?


Regardless of the cause, you are in the correct place. You will learn about the advantages of the Laravel framework that set it apart from other frameworks in this blog.


We as developers and business owners nowadays cannot afford time given the level of competition in the industry. In order to work at the speeds we want, we need an infrastructure that can keep up in all respects. We should make sure the framework we implement satisfies these objectives given the intense pressure we are working under from all directions.


Laravel, a PHP-based platform, is an example of such a framework. The creation of the PHP framework Laravel gave PHP an entirely new meaning.


Let’s dive into why Laravel development services are becoming so popular.


Why is Laravel Popular than other Framework?

Laravel is a potent but still relatively new PHP framework that has gained remarkable popularity in recent years. Along with faster launch times, independence from lock-in techniques, strong security, and other advantages, Laravel’s open-source functionality offers a number of additional advantages.


Some of the benefits of using Laravel for web application development are outlined in this post, along with some reasons why you should think about using it for your upcoming project.



Some Interesting Facts

The most recent statistics indicate that Laravel is being used by over 7,52,277 websites, 3,29,295 of which are live in the United States, with more than 71,600 ratings (and counting) on GitHub.



What is Laravel Framework?

In June 2011, Taylor Otwell created Laravel, a free and open-source PHP-based web framework, with the express purpose of assisting website developers in streamlining, accelerating, and improving complicated coding.


Up to this point, Laravel has released eight updates, and it frequently releases security updates. This guarantees that web solutions are easily built by skilled and committed Laravel developers.


After the release of version 3, which added features like the Command Line Interface called Artisan, support for the Database system, and migrations, this framework saw an increase in popularity. Additionally, it created a method of packing known as bundles.


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Let’s explore the advantages of utilizing the Laravel framework for web development so we don’t miss using them in 2023.



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Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework

    • Laravel Follows MVC Architectural Pattern

The first and greatest benefit of utilizing the Laravel framework is that it adheres to the Model, View, and Controller-based architectural pattern and has a rich syntax, making it object-oriented.




    • But How does MVC Structure help in custom web application development? All data logic is handled by the model in an MVC design. The view displays data from the model to the user, while the controller controls the data flow into a model object and refreshes the view whenever data changes. MCV can assist you by streamlining your coding structure and making it easier for you to work with when you’re working on a large project and dealing with unstructured code.


    • Secured Session-based Authentication and Authorization.


    • session-based-authentication-and-authorization


Laravel’s robust authentication and authorization mechanism can help your web apps. This makes sure that only actual, legitimate customers can access your online applications. It consists of all necessary procedures, such as login, subscription, and password reset, and is completed with just one command. You gain the advantage of distinctive configurations by doing this.


    • Integrated Mail Services, Powered by Symphony


Ready-to-use mail templates are offered by the Laravel framework and are powered by the widely used Symphony mailer component. To register or alert people for these tasks, the main function is necessary. Additionally, it offers choices for email queuing. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize the view using the integrated mail service’s template system. Laravel has drivers for many local and cloud-based mail services like SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, and PHP mail function, among others, and supports sending emails and notifications over numerous channels. Additionally, Laravel has its own command-line tool called Artisan. It offers a number of helpful commands, particularly for creating emails.


    • Create Custom Commands Using Artisan Tool

Laravel’s Artisan is essentially a command-line tool, but it’s powered by a robust Symphony console component. Artisan is widely used to create boilerplate code for new controllers, models, and migrations, distribute package assets and manage database migrations. The developer will benefit greatly from having this built-in solution to reduce and streamline tedious and tiresome operations. Artisan’s usefulness and capabilities can be increased by adding more custom commands.


    • Interaction with Database Easier with Eloquent(ORM)




The Eloquent ORM is Laravel’s built-in ORM (Object-relational Mapper) implementation. When compared to other frameworks, Laravel offers the greatest ORM. Data conversion between type systems is a programming technique that takes advantage of object-oriented programming languages. By employing appropriate and expressive syntax, ORM enables you to maintain a seamless interaction with the database objects on your website.


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    • Built-in Security Functions.

Web apps must be made as secure as possible by programmers. A website gathers data from several sources, including some crucial personally identifiable customer data. You can hire a Laravel developer to get the best method that shields the data from external security breaches if you want to keep it secure.  Laravel is a well-known and the most suggested PHP framework, including features like SQL injection, Authentication system, Password hashing, Cookie protection, and Protection against CSRF, if you want to have powerful application security.

    • Automation of task completion and scheduling.

Developers may manage communication calendars with Laravel to engage with end users more effectively. Web developers had to make an entry in the past for each task they wanted to schedule. But now, the Laravel framework’s built-in “Command Scheduler” enables developers to pre-define a command schedule that will be run at a specified time or triggered in case of a specific occurrence. This Laravel framework features not only improve your online application’s efficiency and speed but also cut your hosting costs.



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    • Efficient unit testing.

Laravel’s excellent automated testing tool makes it possible to test individual modules rather than the entire product, and it also makes sure that the integrated application functions properly when all of the modules are combined. This results in high-performing web apps with optimized web code. The software’s built-in testing function also enables Laravel development experts to quickly test basic user behavior and analyze the results without expending a lot of time and effort.


    • Cache Integration.

Laravel has built-in drivers that save cached objects in the file system as support for backend caching. With the right Laravel instructions, the cache limit can even be increased. Although the caching limit may vary, it turns out to be beneficial because this support enhances any system’s performance.


    • Exception handling made simpler.

The management of configuration failures and exceptions is taken care of via an internal mechanism in Laravel. Additionally, the Laravel-integrated Monolog logging framework provides end-to-end support for managing many logs at once. When exceptions are handled without difficulty, a more engaging and informative interface is produced, which improves the solution’s usability.


    • A Massive Community For Open Source.

Laravel also boasts a sizable developer and business community that goes above and above to make sure you get assistance from all directions. The community is really dedicated to making Laravel Development more effective, alluring, and scalable. If developers want to create a brand-new, complex feature or capability, they can ask the community for help.


Last but not least,


    • Excellent performance.

To stay ahead of the competition, rapid digital transformation is required, so Laravel is a name you should keep in mind if you want the best website performance with ideal features and incredible speed. Laravel’s top-notch capabilities enable developers to up the ante on their commission. All that’s left to accomplish is to include the aforementioned technologies to ensure that a web application runs flawlessly.


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Laravel features everything you need in one package, including thorough documentation, dependable structure, robust community support, integration of several services like email, and hassle-free migration.


When you examine the quickness and the amazing features that are included in the framework, it is obvious that the power of Laravel’s advantages triumphs.


Therefore, if you’re looking for Laravel framework development hire our Laravel framework developers and professionals for your website development, get in touch with us — a renowned Laravel web development business — for professional insights.