Today’s websites look quite different from the sites that people used to visit during the initial years of the internet. The web technologies are improving on a regular basis and we get something new every year. People were expecting something innovative to happen in 2017 and the modern web designers have presented some of the most appealing websites this year. The current web design trends in 2017 show the future direction of web industries. Those web design trends are as follows.


It is the end of traditional web design

Now the time has come to say goodbye to traditional web design. Even some of the most experienced web designers agree that traditional web design cannot succeed in luring the visitors. Now it is important to focus on the overall appeal of the website. Those days are gone, when a technically perfect website used to gain a better response from the search engine and visitors. The website must respond equally on all the devices and it should be equipped with some innovative features so that users can get impressed. Now web design is not only about making the tech look good, but it is about providing users with a better experience for their needs.


The grid layout is the need of today’s website

Though popularized by Pinterest, the grid layout still looks quite unique. It has become the first choice of many websites and it has influenced many web designers to create similar websites for their clients. You can see a rapid increase in the number of websites with the card design layout. This design looks more flexible, impressive, organized, and responsive in comparison to the traditional layout. In addition, nobody wants to scroll down time and again to find the required content. The grid layout brings everything in the user’s view on the same page and that’s why people like the Pinterest style websites.


Conversational user-interface

The conversational user interface had become famous during 2016, but the website designers are adopting it during 2017. The modern websites allow the users to engage in a smooth conversation with the services, companies, and bots. The modern websites provide various means of communication, including messaging, chat, and other apps. The conversation user interface is quite essential for the users and the service providers. It brings both closer and thus the visitors get better solutions for their needs. Today’s innovative websites pop-up a chat window immediately as the user visits the site. It allows the user to express his or her demands so that quick solution can be available within a few seconds.


Use of GIFs and animations will increase

Now the social networking sites are filled up with numerous GIFs and animations. The experienced web designers are also using these GIFs and other animations to entertain the visitors. Of course, limited use of the GIF images will help the designers in drawing the attention of users. The GIFs can offer something more than just entertainment. These images can provide an overview of what a business or website provides. More websites will use these GIFs to increase their chances of engaging the visitors.