Snake syndicate

Snake Syndicate is a game in which members are challenged to compete by creating a project related to the Snake Syndicate community and receive an NFT or ETH price that will donate to St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

c2 Bids

C2 BIDS Counsulting Services

C2BIDS Consulting Service earned a reputation as a reliable partner helping clients win government contracts and manage the paperwork to make the regulatory process a successful experience.

Aarmor Foundation

Aarmor Foundation

Aarmor Foundation is a blood donor app that help users to find the blood donors around them quickly, also it offers an option to users to be a blood donor to help people during the Emergency.



The Ladies TalkShow is a non-profit marriage campaign charity show that provides free videos, tips & strategies to make your relationship great and successful.

The TOOL Space Portfolio

The TOOL Space

The Tool Space provides practical thoughts and perspectives of hardware equipment to help you make the correct purchase.

Go Green Music Portfolio

Go Green Music

Go Green is an answer to the main given factor in carbon release caused by live events. Also, address these issues and reduce their touring levels.

Nicole Alicia MD Portfolio

Nicole Alicia MD

Nicole is a beauty blogger, women entrepreneur, and OB-GYN physician who shares her trials and triumphs and inspiration of motherhood problems to show people that nothing is impossible with a little confidence.

Stoneridge Orchards

Stoneridge Orchards

Stoneridge Orchards is the leading brand providing delicious, premium dried fruits for consumers.

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