Change is an integral part of our lives, and mobile design and app development are not an exception to these humankind tendencies. Infact, professionals and experts across the world have been making efforts for years to create an app design that is rectified, simplistic and relevant. It will be handy for you if you are mindful of the market UI UX trends to lure more customers and maintain their loyalty. There are some ultra-modern trends which have stemmed recently, while others will be born out of the contemporary best mobile app design and standards.  


Apps ui design varies as time goes on. New technologies are taking place, changing the world like never before. The new approaches to the design can also be seen. There is an ocean of websites, nearly 1.88 billion, that have been created. However, if you want to scale your company, then keeping pace with the design trends is a must. However, it is quite impossible to follow multiple trends at once. There are many quick fixes to this problem rather than overloading the interfaces with various elements. The sudden increase in the mobile market potential has motivated businesses to go mobile. Mobile internet data usage has been high as compared to the desktop in 2022. The revenues from mobile applications have grown abundantly. All in all, the statistics say that going mobile is no longer a choice. It is compulsory for the expansion and growth of the business by sticking to the latest UI UX trends. 


Latest app design trends

In-app gestures

We are accustomed to gestures while using an app. We tap, touch, swipe, rotate and so on. There are a number of gestures, but we always hope that looking for an apt gesture will not be more time consuming. We are already used to the double-click gesture of an instagram app. It has become a standard gesture that people worldwide use every day.


We don’t even heed to many gestures and use them intuitively. IOS has many standard in-app gestures, such as tapping, dragging, flicking, swiping, touching and holding. The Android OS also has some similar gestures. However, swiping from different locations enables many solutions in AOS. 


Face ID

The occurrence of Face ID technology in the world has altered the way we interact with devices and apps. You are free from setting the new password for the high-end security of your data also. You only have to look at your device screen, and bam, it is unlocked. The face ID was introduced for the first time in 2017, and now it is widely used in all apple gadgets. Apple has made an admission that a true depth camera captures precise data because of the projection and analysis of 30000 invisible dots to create a detailed map of your face and also clicks an infrared image of your face. 


All in all, face ID technology is more refined and advanced than touch ID. It is a great opportunity that has fallen into the basket of UI designers to ease the user flow and better mobile app design by following the UI UX trends. It will make the users more assured and secure. Face ID design is definitely the trend that is exponentially growing in 2022, particularly in ecommerce app design. 


Motion and Animation 

The stats speak that above 95% of people watch explainer videos to know and learn more about the product or service. The video content is thriving as we have been spending hours looking at youtube and Vimeo videos and hope from all the brands to make a virtual presence on these platforms. If you are still not getting the importance of video and animation in your marketing strategy, then it is time to learn more about it and make a switch to scale up your business using ui for mobile apps


You will easily see the difference as your landing page will have more leads. The content will ultimately attract more users, and brand loyalty will also be higher than ever by adapting to new UI UX trends in mobile apps ui design.  



Chatbots have become pretty common these days. Many businesses have already made efforts in the direction of developing the chat feature on their websites and apps. Users across industries are already showering their love on this feature. It enables quick help and support and helps businesses get more leads and drive more conversions. However, the use of chat features in app design trend  will see new avenues in 2022 and be used across businesses and niches. 


Chatbots will become more futuristic and automated processes and also allow requests in different languages. Also, chat software will assist businesses in having a grasp over consumer behaviour, semantics, sentiments, and persona and make the branding and marketing tools potentially great. The website and app users will have to put effort into making the best of this feature.


Content-Centric Design

Content relevance is not only limited to marketing and blogging. It might seem like a surprise but keeping the importance of content in mind is also crucial for designers to keep pace with the UI UX trends. Meaningful content is a must to create functional UIs. The content-first outlook is a significant way to create artistic designs. The adoption of design should be in a way that makes all the content on an app screen viewable, readable and easy to comprehend and process. Moreover, a complex mobile application designs without using clear elements will only lead to an information overload or gap, and that will create friction in the app. 


Moreover, the designers will also have to give thought to the classifications beyond “mobile and desktop”. The mobile device industry is constantly growing and expanding, and there are numerous variations when it comes to various device kinds. So, UI/UX designers will have a pace ahead of the mobile device industry and develop apps in such a way that it adapts to any device type. This will give a consistent and super smooth experience without being worried about the user’s device types. 


This can also be attained by concentrating more on button-less designs and emphasizing gestures like swipe, zoom, scroll, pinch and so on, apart from that. It should also not puzzle the app users. The images and videos should grab the eyeballs of the users and not challenge their senses in any way.     


Augmented Reality

If you are dreaming of getting ahead of time, then include augmented reality on the list of the latest mobile UI UX design app that are necessary to be taken into use. The introduction of AR into UI can barely be done by a tiny team of designers. Also, you will need a deeper understanding and professional outlook. You can also hire a team of experts who will make a strategy for utilizing augmented reality in design and implementation.  



Illustration helps in business identification and brand demonstration. You can choose whatever idea you like; the use of illustration will make it as clear as possible, even after using a metaphor. However, avoid mixing styles and misleading your clients, considering the latest UI UX trends.    


Using Serif Fonts

Serif fonts enhance the overall display of text in the most eye-pleasing way because of their clarity and elegance. It is a psychological trick behind using serif fonts because it will help the letters stand out distinctly, making it easier for the brain to memorize the words.  



In the latest UX trends, incorporating a neutral interface doesn’t always mean using neutral colours. You can grab the attention of the crucial parts of the design using ultra-modern colours. Additionally, they assist in standing out from the other neutral designs that normally look the same. 


Transparent Elements

The depth in Apps UI design comes when you use transparent elements in the creation. This is an alternative way to have attention to certain elements and make the design more explicit and pleasant. 


Asymmetric Menus and Media Galleries

Repetition of media and design mostly doesn’t work in many places since they need patterns. A dull and boring design pattern can result in a big turn-off for the millennials and gen Z, who comprise the biggest consumer and user groups in any industry. So, getting out of the fixed patterns and finding radical options will be the way forward for 2022 and beyond. Consider adopting asymmetric menus and media galleries prevalent in UI UX trends. 


Designers are also trying out various graphics and illustrations where the design elements are breaking out of the margins and limitations. They are floating free on the screen after lifting bars. Although you should ensure the media and menus look appealing all the time.  


Voice User Interfaces

The voice-based assistants are in high demand in the market, and the adoption of this feature is growing across businesses and niches. Voice-based assistants need loftier voice user interfaces that enable users to interact with a system using only voice commands. Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are the most popular VUIs. 


The main advantage of VUIs is that they permit users to communicate with the system without having a glance over it. However, the designers should adhere to the idea and the message not to overfeed users with information while developing VUIs as per the latest UI UX trends.  


Rounded Figures

The use of round shapes has exponentially increased in UI/UX design. The implementation of shapes wholly depends on the emotions that you want to draw out in your users and the brand face you want to depict. Shape psychology refers to the circles, ovals and ellipses as a symbol of eternity. Rounded rectangles elicit warmth and trust in users. 


It is the reason behind designing rounded corners to sign up, log in and buy buttons. Such design elements help the customers feel assured about maintaining a relationship or doing business with a brand.  


Bottom Navigation

In the mobile phone industry, large displays and phone screen sizes have been trending for a long time now. Contemporary mobile screens are designed to display more content and deal with multiple task requests at a time. It has steered to the demand for more dynamic and interactive menu designs where access using a thumb is hassle-free and easy. 


The hamburger menus are gaining more popularity because of their easy access to the past and bottom navigation. The bottom navigation bar is becoming prevalent in the market, and designers are firm in including and improving this feature in apps. The design will also become more extensive and interactive, and there will be frequent use of swipe and slide features instead of simple clicks, considering the latest UI UX trends. 


It is a wrap!

These are several trendy design features that have been ruling in 2022 and beyond that. You can incorporate relevant elements and ensure that your mobile app is pacing ahead of time since it is the only way to scale and expand your business. Although, if you find mobile app UI and UX designing overwhelming, then you can take the easy and more advanced route and design your ui ux design app considering the latest mobile app development trends


Using modern tools, you can design your app from scratch and create the app screens and buttons. It all feels like child’s play when your app interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Following the aforementioned UI UX trends and overlooking what’s best for your niche is a risky task. The research and implementation should be conducted aptly to avoid any errors.