The very first core algorithm update for the year 2023 got released by Google this month on March 15th. It’s been around six months since the last broad core update.


Google even took it to twitter to announce that the rollout would take roughly 2 weeks to complete.


Google being the most popular search engine in the world, works tirelessly to keep updating its search system and releases numerous algorithm updates each year.


Although it is still too early to tell whether or not you have been affected by the update, more information about the updates will be available in a few days


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Who needs to worry about this update?

After hearing about the Google update, the question arises: Who should be concerned? What would be different? Don’t be alarmed. These updates primarily affect the ranking of a website. It reflects how Google will now evaluate your website, so SEO professionals and website owners should keep an eye on it to adapt their strategies as quickly as possible.


March 2023 Core Algorithm Update

Now, if you are a SEO expert or business owner, you must be worried about what this update will hold. As the rollout is still ongoing, it’s hard to come to any conclusions, but based on the previous updates, we can still be prepared.



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What was the previous update all about?

The last update was on Helpful content, where Google took a vital step towards making sure that only original content was given priority and that it was user-intentioned, based on which your content would perform higher in the search result. 


Here are some key factors that Google uses to determine the usefulness of the content- 


  1. AI or Human written content

Google has cracked down on websites that produce content using AI tools without any human intervention or quality control, which can be a major disadvantage for readers looking for critical information.


  1. Content for Focus audience

Google has tried to map out each website based on a particular niche industry and then evaluate the website’s authority based on the content shared. So if you have been writing helpful content while keeping your audience in mind, then you are surely gaining profits from this update.


  1. Expertise in the niche

Google always depends on EAT factors while ranking your site, so if you have the expertise and first-hand expertise, then whatever you write would be a key determining factor.


  1. Time User Spend on Website

This update would hit your website adversely if users weren’t satisfied with the content on the website. Google checks for a pattern if the user lands on your page and then searches for the same term, indicating your content didn’t live up to the user’s intent. So creating content that keeps your users hooked is a priority.


  1. Title and Content Relevancy

This Google update targeted clickbait titles that were only used to attract users to your page. Google can easily understand which page has more value by using language learning algorithms like MUM and BERT, so make sure your content conveys the same information as your title.


  1. High Word Count for Ranking Purpose

Google made sure thousand-word blogs written with the intention of stuffing keywords for search engines were given no importance as they in no sense provided any value to the user reading them.


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What should we expect from the March 2023 Core Algorithm Update?

Based on these updates, we can draw some conclusions about what the next update will hold


It’s important to stick to these key factors – 


  1. Quality is King

Google gives importance to your user-intentioned results that satisfy what users are searching for and ensures that users are served everything on a plate from start to finish when they land on any page. So staying consistent in creating powerful yet valuable content for your target audience would benefit from Google’s update.


  1. Mobile Friendliness

It’s vital to have a look at your site’s technical aspects, such as mobile friendliness, site speed, and indexing. These would play a major role in improving your website’s ranking.


Besides, remember that the effects of core algorithm updates aren’t immediately noticeable. It can take days or weeks for Google’s crawlers to index and reassess the web, so don’t come to any conclusions too soon.


Finally, watch your site’s organic search traffic and keyword rankings, as these metrics will help you gauge the update’s impact, identify potential areas for improvement, and address them wisely.



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Wrapping it Up!

Google’s core algorithm upgrade in March 2023 serves as a sharp reminder that website owners and SEO specialists must constantly be on the lookout for strategies to get an advantage over the competition.


You can help keep your site on Google’s good side by staying informed, monitoring metrics, focusing on quality content, and optimizing technical aspects.


Ultimately, these updates are intended to improve the user search experience, so always prioritize the needs of your audience and strive to provide value through your content.


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