NFC-Powered Digital Business Cards
for Instant Sharing

It offers a digital business card and mini-website solution powered by NFC technology. By tapping their card on smartphones, users can instantly share their contact information, social profiles, website, and custom links, eliminating the need for physical cards and app downloads.

Technology Stack

React Js

React Js

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Service Provided

Web App




  • Overcoming resistance or hesitation in embracing new NFC-based contact sharing technology.
  • Managing diverse customization demands for individual and company-based cards efficiently.
  • Balancing the storage of vast information while ensuring only relevant details are easily scannable.
  • Ensuring the drag-and-drop builder’s simplicity for effortless card creation.
  • Addressing potential compatibility issues across various NFC-enabled devices.
  • Safeguarding sensitive contact information shared through NFC technology.


  • Create user-friendly guides to promote NFC adoption and showcase its benefits.
  • Offer a variety of customizable templates for individual and company cards.
  • Allow users to select specific information for scanning, preventing overload.
  • Design an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy card customization.
  • Conduct extensive testing for seamless compatibility across NFC-enabled devices.
  • Implement strong encryption protocols to protect sensitive contact details shared via NFC.
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Final Outcome

NFC Based Web App 1
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NFC Based Web App 3
NFC Based Web App 4
NFC Based Web App 1 NFC Based Web App 2 NFC Based Web App 3 NFC Based Web App 4
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