Revolutionizing Premium Bedding:
A Success Story in ERP Transformation

Explore the transformation of a leading UK bedding brand, overcoming ERP challenges with strategic solutions. From seamless Sage integration to advanced frontend development, witness the journey of enhanced efficiency and growth in the premium bedding industry.

Technology Stack

Node JS

Node JS

React Js

React JS

Service Provided

ERP System Enhancement



Quality Assurance
and Testing


  • Inefficient desktop-based ERP system lacking proper user control and exposing sensitive sales details.
  • Communication gaps in manual order preparation and information sharing.
  • Discrepancies in customer-specific pricing due to errors in product and manufacturing codes.
  • Issues with Sage software affecting pricing accuracy.
  • Lack of visibility into manufacturing processes leading to errors and inefficiencies.
  • Manual intervention and inefficiencies in the order processing workflow.
  • Limited scalability and potential for increased costs.


  • Seamless integration with the existing Sage ERP system for a smooth transition.
  • Implementation of React.js and Node.js for an advanced and scalable frontend.
  • Robust user access controls to enhance security.
  • Centralized tracking to streamline the order process and reduce communication gaps.
  • Introduction of dynamic pricing mechanisms for accuracy in customer-specific pricing.
  • Centralization of data to improve visibility into manufacturing processes.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge automation to reduce costs and enhance order processing efficiency.
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Final Outcome

enterprise web application 1
enterprise web application 2
enterprise web application 3
enterprise web application 4
enterprise web application 1 enterprise web application 2 enterprise web application 3 enterprise web application 4
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