Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?


Many entrepreneurs wish to believe that a business will develop into a successful company all by itself. But it’s just not true. If you have tried this path, you should know that if it doesn’t work, you will have to change your approach towards developing a new business and promoting an already existing one. Digital Marketing is the answer to many entrepreneurs’ prayers because it will help them with their marketing strategy in ways they may not realize they need yet! This blog will discuss why digital marketing is vital for any business and take you through a step-by-step checklist on how you can successfully conduct digital marketing for your company!


The Rise of Online Patrons


There was a time when the way businesses expanded their customer bases and increased their visibility to the public was centred primarily around advertising. Brushing as much of your company’s name across as many newspapers, televisions, and billboards as possible was essential in getting customers’ attention. This technique still has utility today, but we think something that gets overlooked too often by small businesses is the explosive shift of modern consumers to online interaction with businesses – which provides firms with an alternative to traditional advertising.


When your potential leads decide to search for a service or product that they need, they most often type in keywords into what’s known as a search engine. The first ten results that appear after they click the magnifying glass tend to be the only ones that have any hope of capturing their attention, let alone pique their interest enough to see the website. Suppose your company wants those potential leads to get excited about what you can offer them. In that case, it’s important to devote time and energy to knowing how to use SEO software like Google AdWords and choose the best keywords for your campaign. Without doing any research into this valuable area of digital marketing to attract customers online, you’re limiting your business’s reach amongst audiences who may have been properly targeted but were never able to see your products or services because you didn’t take advantage of being visible in searches through SEO software like Google AdWords.


Benefits of Digital Marketing


Reaching Customers Where They Are

Today, you can communicate with customers from outside the confines of your actual business in ways that were not available even 5 years ago. According to a 2020 study conducted by a website, adults spend around 6 hours and 43 minutes every day when not sleeping, working, or using transportation. This means that the most likely place for customers to come into contact with your products and services is on their computer during the quarter of their day that they aren’t asleep or working, therefore making it an ideal opportunity for them to be drawn towards you and the opportunities you provide through the internet.


Relatively Low Costs

Setting up your own company can be like mining for precious metals. You need to invest just as much time and effort to get the resources needed to turn your business into a profitable venture that pays off over time. This can also work out when maintaining and setting up an online presence for your business. Sure, you might have to be willing to spend some money on acquiring new skills for yourself or hiring a digital marketing professional with the kind of experience you need, but doing so will help increase your exposure around the world in ways you might never have imagined before thanks to all these fantastic innovations that exist which weren’t even possible ten years ago!


Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing

You wouldn’t put ham in a hot dog, would you? Traditional marketing methods have fallen far behind the intrinsic power and utility of digital. We’ve compiled a multi-pronged breakdown below of just a few reasons traditional marketing is no longer the competitive edge it once was.


Change in Media

Gone are the days when the TV was all we had to entertain us. There’s only so much time you can spend on your favourite shows, and even with commercials, the radio is not as exciting as it used to be. Now, most people use online forms of media, which means more advertising options for you! Don’t let your business fall behind! 


Decreasing Effectiveness of Traditional Marketing

While it is important to get the word out about your business and product, you must keep up with the changing times. For example, physical mailboxes are no longer the most popular way to communicate with your potential consumers. Thanks to television technologies becoming obsolete, most people can easily skip past commercials with smart TVs or enjoy watching Netflix without sitting through five-second ad skips on their devices. Finally, in a social climate in which sporadic use of social media prevails when it comes down to face-to-face interactions as well as people relying more on virtual platforms instead of real-life encounters when it comes down to endearment and relationship building, an organization’s ability to get its word out is being stifled by these poor marketing choices.


The Little Things Add Up

Besides the growing cultural backlash from not wanting to be a part of synthetic marketing ploys, some feel concerned about the amount of waste produced by mass-circulated leaflets. Furthermore, the transition towards an increasingly digital culture can only exacerbate this problem, as “print ads” will slowly become meaningless in an era where technology dominates our lives. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that traditional marketing may soon cost more than what it could pay off in revenue.


The World Is Online

As we’ve mentioned, the old world of traditional marketing is slowly but surely passing before the emergence of the digital age. More and more people are taking to the internet every year, following their business behind them. If you want your business to have a chance at competing, you must realize that it has shifted from traditional marketing to digital one! Furthermore, for more and more people nowadays who love interacting online with other people when they buy products or services, this shift sometimes even affects the location of their primary marketplace as well – because now they get all of these things mostly or wholly online like buying kitchen equipment including cooking utensils etc. online.


Without Digital Marketing, Your Business Can’t Grow

There are no two ways about it: there has to be the importance of digital marketing . Please don’t take our word for it, though; digital marketing has been the new standard for many years now because of how powerful and the effect it is compared to traditional strategies. The internet is so powerful that technology will rise from its ashes, like Phoenix from Greek mythology, so it’s not going anywhere soon. And true enough, the internet is a powerful tool that the modern-day consumer has embraced with enthusiasm! Your business deserves to have a fair shot at competing and succeeding, but this can only happen if you invest in digital marketing.


Your 5-Step Digital Marketing Plan


Get a Website

A website is a basic component of a digital presence for your company. Even if you’ve never set up a site before, there’s no need to panic! There are plenty of tech references from small business marketing for your help, like Syndell. Our blog on “7 Key Benefits Of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team” can help you with the initial selection.  


Set Up Google My Business

Few companies are as connected to the internet and its users as Google. The company offers almost anyone who uses the internet nearly a limitless option of information they can access at almost any given moment. Google is so popular that it has developed applications for modern smartphones like iPhones and Androids, with apps that allow people to connect to the world without failover their mobile devices. It’s amazing then to learn about yet another one of Google’s services: namely, Start Up Programs that business owners like you can take advantage of and which might help jumpstart your business!


Google My Business (GMB) is a Google product that can help local businesses increase their online presence. GMB provides free tools and resources to help you get your business or organization on the Web. Some of the key features include creating a listing for yourself or your business, connecting with customers who visit your page, and providing an easy way for customers to write reviews about your business.


Optimize Your Google My Business

Getting on ‘Google My Business doesn’t cut it, of course. In addition, you do need to get your listing just right for Google to grab your business and place it in their search results. At this point, most business owners throw the towel in, but they never give trying digital marketing a go!


You don’t need to learn C++ to get the most out of your digital marketing. You need to find an agency that knows how to make you successful at SEO. Like many teams, Upstate Interactive prides itself on being nimble, so instead of wasting your time learning coding languages or losing sleep over whiteboard sessions on search algorithms, we’ll provide you with top-notch expertise in a very short period help you flip those faucets with ease.


Optimize Your Website

You need an attractive site that grabs your customer’s attention to start. After all, people are judged by their covers. That applies to you, too! It is important to remember that your website is judged on the same merits. If you have a site that Google deems not relevant enough or too slow, your search ranking will suffer. You need an attractive and effective website that responds to your market’s needs and tests well against users and web crawlers alike. Otherwise, your customers may find another solution easily enough if yours turns out to be a not as good fit for them.


Off-Page SEO and Traffic Boosting

One word: traffic. To make a successful website in the physical world, you need to be visible to as many people as possible. Traffic is great for selling your product and services, so it’s often difficult getting people from online sources to show up at your physical location. The more that come in via the Web, the greater chance they will become your customer! Off-Page SEO is everything you do and all of your strategies related specifically when it comes down to increasing visibility outside of your actual website and site content. This includes digital marketing guidelines that have proven results over time and have laid the foundation for some of today’s digital marketing industry giants, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Digital Marketing with Syndell Can Save Your Business

In conclusion, digital marketing is the smart platform you should use to grow your business’ customer base, among other things. It’s very beneficial since it allows better growth and competitive advantage.


We hope you have learned a lot from this blog, and we’d love to hear your questions. We know you now know how digital marketing can save your business – so now hurry and call us so we can set up our services for you!