Trust is one of the vital traits businesses or brands must possess, especially today when we’re living in an erratic economic environment. Gone are the days when brands used to just advertise and expect people to respond. With time, brands, and technology, consumers have evolved too. They want to be a part of the experience, for which brands need to live up to the expectations of the customers and ‘build trust.’ This becomes immensely vital when we are looking to attract first-time visitors to become customers.


Why Is Trust Imperative?

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, the infodemic has hit people hard, leading to increased mistrust. Without a reliable source to read from, the readers are getting disoriented about which source is authentic.



Source: 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer


This high tide of increased mistrust and misinformation. It is making people deeply suspicious and hesitant about trusting a source of information. However, the good news coming from the report is that people not only trust businesses the most, but they are the only institution to capture about 61% of the global trust levels. In that sense, businesses are the only ethical and competent institutions in the eyes of consumers.


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Source: 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer


According to this barometer, we can say that businesses need to focus on building trust by offering reliable, compact, and impactful information, maybe in the form of blogs. In summary, trust is a vital part of the relationship between a business and its readers.


  • Brands with higher trust levels tend to have better customer relationships.
  • Brands with higher trust levels tend to have better customer relationships.
  • Brands with higher trust levels tend to have better customer relationships.
  • If consumers trust you, they will stick with brands even in times of crisis.
  • Trusted brands can easily retain and attract new consumers.

An Effective Trust-Building Tool Tactic – Blogs

As correctly quoted that trust can never be negotiated. Brands need to offer something beyond just products/services to make the audience more loyal to your brand. One effective way to go down the road is to create content that readers will love to read, and perhaps end up sharing with more people. The question is, why do you need your blogs to be trustworthy? Here is the answer:

  • It can help create connections.
  • To increase repeat visitors’ traffic to the blogs
  • Increase sales
  • Get more social shares

Let’s get into what will make readers trust your blog and your brand.


The process to inspire blog readers to trust you

Here are the steps you may want to follow to ignite trust in your readers

Step #1: What’s the purpose of your blog?

You shouldn’t be giving much thought to this question because blogging without a purpose is like social media without visuals. Your blog must also have a purpose, especially when you’re generating it to grow readership on the site. Having a purpose helps you track progress and make improvements. Experts believe that once you get into consistent blog posting, you’ll gain more readers. After writing and uploading about 21-54 blogs, you’ll end up generating more traffic. A few examples of what your purpose could be are:


  • To build a community
  • Build your personal brand
  • Attract paying clients
  • Or something else

To fuel your purpose, you must:


  1. Define your ideal blog reader: when you’re posting every day with a purpose, defining your ideal reader becomes easy. Picture them making decisions, looking for keywords they’re searching for, and where they mainly discuss the topic. Answering all these questions will bring you to ‘relevance.’
  2. Have a unique selling proposition (USP): a unique selling proposition or unique selling point is something marketers have long relied upon. The attributes within differentiate your product/service from others in the niche.

Step #2 Understand your reader’s mindset

Try to think of the times when you visit someone else’s blog. Recall what makes you form an impression of the blog. You might have looked for social proof, reviews, or testimonials on the page to assess the blog, author, or site. Imagine a growth mindset where you clarify that you don’t know all the answers, but you’re willing to share the information that you have.


So, when you put these vital social elements above all, you’re likely to increase and improve your conversion rate. Put that in the first section of the blog so that people don’t have to scroll down.

Step #3 Build a community

Social media plays a very important role in getting the reader community to engage with your blog post. You can attract new readers to trust you and become a part of your community. How do you build one? Benefit from your email subscribers by asking them to contribute to your next blog post or any content.


It takes a lot to build a community that actually engages. You have to be consistent, passionate, and all ears for your readers.

Step #4 Stir trust in your readers

Inspiration and trust need to be energized in your blog readers because that is your responsibility. Use the strategy of MIA to inspire others to take action. MIA stands for Motivation, Information, and Action.


Motivations give people a reason to take action. So, with your blog, you can motivate them to stick around and trust what’s being communicated. Information is what they’re searching for, and you can offer them exactly what they need by smartly using the keyword phrases. In the age of information overload, your readers may sign off from blasting off. Lastly, call-to-action is a phase when you motivate the readers to read your blog and take necessary actions.

Tips To Build Trust With Blogging

1. Have avatars

People want to know who’s behind the blog. This one thing is for sure – they don’t start reading the blog blindly. Having an avatar makes people think that reading the blog is worth their time. Besides, when they see your avatar on any other social media platform, forum, or guest posting, they know that it’s content they can relate to.


Have avatars

Source: Content Powdered


You can include avatars on the about me widget, the blog’s sidebar,  opting pages, in the blog, etc.

2. Maintain transparency

Transparency is the key to gaining your readers’ trust. Transparency in your blog is a strong symbol that whatever you’re doing online is visible to everyone. Through blog posts, tell people that your business is growing, add valuable ideas, reveal what niches you’re working on, how much traffic you’re generating, etc.


Transparency is the key to gaining your readers’ trust. Transparency in your blog is a strong symbol that whatever you’re doing online is visible to everyone. Through blog posts, tell people that your business is growing, add valuable ideas, reveal what niches you’re working on, how much traffic you’re generating, etc.


3. Tell them where your blog is featured

This tactic is one of the most overlooked ones, but the most incredible thing about it is that you can gain trust. Create a widget on the footer or sidebar to display which of your blogs were featured in brand mentions, interviews, blog posts, etc.


3. Tell them where your blog is featured

Source: twentyoverten


So, when readers land on your blog or site, the chances are that they’re loyal readers of one of the sites you’re featured on. This will stir instant trust in your name.

4.  Display testimonials in your blog

If you’re offering any blog or content-related services, it is worthwhile to mention what other clients have to say about you. Displaying testimonials acts as social proof and strengthens your credibility in the eyes of the readers.


5.  Make it easy for your readers to contact you


5. Make it easy for your readers to contact you

Source: Construction Dive


An added about page is a great trust booster as it has the capability to increase your credibility. So, the best advice is to keep a dedicated page section for contact, like “contact me” on the blog page. It helps people reach out to you quickly and ultimately boosts the trust-building process.

6.  Be thoughtful about blog designs

Let’s not ignore the design of your blog. Apart from the content you post, the presentation of the blog also boosts trust. Having a premium and professional look for your site can definitely catch the eyes of your readers.


6. Be thoughtful about blog designs

Source: Slack


Pay attention to the subtlest of details, use unique logos that reflect your personality, and ensure that the theme is aesthetic enough to suit your brand. Additionally, carefully put your thoughts into blog typography.

7.  Provide content regularly

It’s a no-brainer that consistency is the key. To attract and retain readers, you must post content regularly on your site. As far as trust is concerned, it contributes to the percentage, but it also keeps your site from looking stale. Above all, providing good content is another factor that directly impacts the trust-building process. So, focus on delivering quality content that is well-thought and well-researched.


What does great content look like? Here are some characteristics of good content:

  • Information backed with source links from trustworthy platforms.
  • Good content is rich with illustrations and images.
  • Add your personal views, suggestions, and experiences.
  • Finally, offer in-depth coverage of the addressed topic in your blog.

Wrapping Up

Your blog is an essential tool that connects you with your potential customers. The process is gradual as each of these blog posts comes with opportunities to gain someone’s trust. Thus, there’s no way you can leap into putting efforts into understanding your audience and generating content that’s valuable and satisfactory for them. Regardless of how many readers visit your site per day or month, you must get in their shoes and see what triggers their interest and hunger for information. Everything that you do will boil down to working for their fulfilment.


All you have to remember is that it takes a fraction of a second to lose trust but ages to gain it. So, before posting anything or taking an important decision, put your thoughts into what can impact your credibility and ultimately let readers trust your blogs and your brand. If you want to get professional content marketing strategy and services for your website, then feel free to contact us now!