Learn the process of filtering out the best app development company from the rest. To become an expert in your field, you need research and practice. This guide is prepared to make you become a software development guru who knows what it takes to get things done right.


1. Use a Professional


Use a Professional

Source: Net solutions

When looking to hire mobile app developers, it’s better to choose experts in this field rather than hiring just off of general resume submission. A professional mobile app developer will be familiar with a specific programming language and SDKs commonly used with your chosen location-aware devices.


When you choose a mobile app development company, always try to find one that specializes in the field you need. If your goal is to create a native mobile application, make sure that the web and mobile development companies you choose know how to do it.


Sometimes it is pretty easy to realize that mobile application development company or dedicated person you’re going to do business with is not specialized. As we all know, companies that work on multiple projects are known as multi-purposed ones. Such companies and their sites are likely to have detailed lists of different products and services for each type of project. You can always request the number of applications natively developed by the vendor to check its development experience, but it works differently with web solutions and mobile apps.


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2. Application reach is not the deciding factor


Application reach is not the deciding factor

Source: Net solutions

Often, customers believe they can choose a contractor simply because there are similar projects found in their portfolios. They may think, “Well, the price is probably correct for this kind of work, and these guys have already made an app like ours, which means they will do a satisfactory job on our project too.” However, from a development point of view, similar previous experiences or portfolios aren’t necessarily relevant or even beneficial for you as a best mobile app development company; it might not be the best candidate to complete your job.


For instance, a restaurant app and a news app are created from the same controls and components – though they might have different characteristics such as the format of their content like the number of menus or the diversity of updates one can expect in any given period. Likely, dating applications will almost certainly have chat functionality. A company that implemented a fun chat application for a food delivery service might suit you better than another company that developed only an app for dating.


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3. Ask for estimates if your RFP is detailed enough


Ask for estimates if your RFP is detailed enough

Source: Sciencesoft

We continuously receive requests for “applications like Uber” with a brief description. Simultaneously, we find potential customers asking us to send proposal details and assessments as part of the deal. In this scenario, this customer will probably be comparing us alongside other companies in our field or even those attempting to achieve the same target market that Uber does but with different mechanics and processes.


Imagine that you are a construction company, and one of your potential customers asks you, “How much does it cost to build a house?” This isn’t easy to answer. There are so many factors to consider when putting together an estimate.


It is essential to clarify the requirements of your project in an RFP. Describe it in as much detail as you can so that potential vendors can assess their bids more effectively and avoid misunderstandings before getting started on the project. This way, you can compare companies accurately and hire the one you feel will best meet your requirements!


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4. Run a trial contract


Run a trial contract

Source: ScienceSoft

Although it’s impossible to determine how well a contractor will work with you until they are on the job, it only takes one hour of testing to know whether or not they are someone who can successfully manage your mobile app project.


First, define the scope of work for the first trial-to-be stages and once that’s done, bring your team together (this step may require bringing on additional team members or clients depending on project specifics). Then observe their process to have insight into how best to handle tasks.


Luckily, at this stage, one can make easy and quick changes to work with a new contractor and experience the same quality of service without any risk or obligation. By trying out different contractors during a trial, one will soon learn which providers are said to be reliable by others in their industry and who is trustworthy.


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5. Split contracts into separate sections


Split contracts into separate sections

Source: Directorate of Medical Devices


If needed, you can always break down the main contract into more minor, more specialized contracts that are easier to fit within the allotted time frame. For example, if you were looking for someone to design a mobile app from scratch and some of the required tasks may include conducting a user study or evaluating alternative options based on UX/UI, among others.


At the output, you will receive a detailed list of design elements and layouts regarding how your app should look based on the aims you were trying to achieve. As we already know, this helps you compare different proposals in terms of cost, turnaround time, and so on. With these materials, you can quickly contact several mobile app development companies with your RFP (which is as detailed as possible at this point).


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6. Select the ideal vendor size


Select the ideal vendor size

Source: DEV community

When you contact a web and mobile development company with 1000+ employees ranging from junior to senior app developers, you are placed last in their customer queue and put in front of those customers who don’t yet have projects ready. This means that the developers at this company will be assigned to your project instead of completing other already signed contracts with larger companies.


Say you are an established mobile app development company looking to partner with a startup. The startup has plenty of great ideas and creativity, but they don’t have the resources to execute them on their own effectively yet. This is not an ideal partnership situation for either party – and these situations can be very tricky because both partners need to know who will take on which roles and share information regarding progress without ending up in limbo.


7. Be clear


Be clear

Source: Quora

Have you signed an NDA with any potential vendors? If not, please see if there’s a potential vendor who would be able to sign one before deciding to work with them because it’s important to note that even though NDAs are designed for consistency in appearances and secrecy in keeping plans private, particular individuals within the industry will refuse to go through the process.


Sometimes startups don’t share their business plans or strategies upfront or hide their vision, but it’s essential to have a mutual understanding of the content and work from there.


As developers, we love our customers like family. When a customer outsources their team to us and gives us consent to hire new people to assist the company offering specifics for contracting in-house employees, it’s more than we could ask for. It shows how much they trust us in handling this aspect project.


One of the best ways to ensure your mobile app’s success is to make sure that the strategic goals for its development are clear from the get-go. Rather than just saying that you want a mobile app, it would be better to provide details about what functionality should be included and give an idea of how many users and an anticipated number of transactions you think the application will cater to. By making all these things clear upfront and remaining reflective about changes that might instigate new outlay costs – you will save money on unnecessary expenses throughout development.


8. Inspect references and reviews


Inspect references and reviews

Source: BetterUp

A reliable app development company will be forthcoming with information and upfront with its capabilities. It’s essential as you look at various companies to have a clear idea of what they’re capable of accomplishing because you don’t want to jump in blindly, especially if you’ve been burned before by taking a gamble on something else that wasn’t worthwhile. Having details about who created what or what sorts of apps they’ve built for clients in the past should help you get an idea about whether your project is in good hands or not.


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9. Know the people who you will be working with


Know the people who you will be working with

Source: Dribble

Sometimes a company will present you with an impressive portfolio of previous customers whom they have worked for. However, it would be best to remember that it is not the company itself that creates your website but rather the team members. Thus, it can be beneficial to look at each team member’s background and experience as part of your process of finding a developer or web designer to match your specific requirements. This can be done during a phone interview or Google Hangout meeting with the team – it just depends on exactly what every business prefers when it comes to this type of interaction. Sometimes companies choose to request biographical information from clients before agreeing on any work together and then choosing whomever best matches the specific project’s goals or other criteria.


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