A successful app will be well-rounded in its development. Just like many other mobile app development firm, it has to have a marketing strategy attached to it. Your product must be new and innovative with good execution to support that idea and proper marketing to stick out and gain traction in this highly competitive environment.


Developing an app can seem very simple, but marketing is a different story. With numerous apps on the market today, it’s important to focus on getting more eyes on your potential users. While executing a basic marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult, doing so with skill certainly does!


There are 5 million+ apps on the main four platforms combined, and it’s not just growing – it’s exploding! It can be difficult to stand out in this increasingly crowded market, as even users are overwhelmed by how many apps they have to pick from. One way of getting noticed is focusing on a niche audience through SEO.


Many apps and other companies with the latest technology fail because they can’t cross the marketing hurdle and may stagnate until they die out. A group of professional product managers and marketers say that it may be best to partner with a professional web content writing agency for your app to steer clear of becoming one of those statistics. They make several compelling arguments as to why marketing can be such an important part of the success or failure of any company. Here are 5 reasons why a content writing agency can scale your business.


1. Get Their Expertise

The first reason to consider working with a content writing agency is that they are masters in content and marketing. Content marketers know their way around SEO and can use that knowledge to promote your product. The best part of using a content writer for that sort is because it frees you up to focus on what you do best – app development. Then, when the user is ready, you’ll be there to welcome them! But if the users aren’t sticking around, don’t worry – there’s no need for immediate action because as an indie developer, it’s not your job to worry about retaining users – that comes second, at least. After all, having users come to your products means they will eventually stick with them, so keep on developing!


Of course, not all agencies are the same. Before you commit to a partner for your content marketing, look for agencies that understand the content creation process and aren’t afraid to be transparent. Agencies that aren’t afraid to prove themselves will provide you with samples upon request, allowing you to personally gauge whether or not they’re able to meet your needs and expectations in general.


2. Partnering with an Agency is cost-efficient

One may think that it can cost more if you outsource content writing to an external service, but this is not the case. There are many reasons why outsourcing is the more cost-efficient option. If you opt to keep your in-house writing team, you will need to invest in hiring, training, and paying your writing staff, who otherwise would have been available exclusively to provide content services. Handling tasks within an organization takes time until all of these things settle down and become operational. Your competitors may have gathered enough traction to surpass you within search engines by this time.


Content creation is hard on its own, let alone trying to do it all yourself. But when you outsource it to an expert content writing agency, you let their skilled and experienced writers take the weight off your shoulders and focus solely on more important business objectives. So unless you want to be in the content creation business for the long haul, hiring a writing agency for content creation tasks is cheaper than doing it in-house.


3. You Just Don’t Get The Writing Services

Hiring a content creation service means more than just getting articles to fill up your site or newsletter. Most of the time, you’re not hiring an individual but an actual agency. That being said, they come with all kinds of services, including promotion and SEO optimization. This means that you are guaranteed to end up with quality content that will gain traction online and brand the right way: by paying attention to how users feel when they land on your website.


4. Writers Are The Bridge Between Developers and Users

When you create marketing material, it’s natural that you want to explain everything you know about the pros and cons of your app. Yet if you want people’s trust, money, and loyalty – these are things you must learn to leave out in favour of solutions that target users’ needs. What is important to customers isn’t a detailed overview of every nook and cranny of your product functionality but rather an understanding of its goals and how it will achieve them.


5. Eyes on the Final Version

Even the most experienced professionals make mistakes. As the saying goes, only a person who does not do anything never makes a mistake. However, by partnering with an agency, the people will find and correct those mistakes before your content is put out. Whether it’s small grammar mistakes or misspelling your username on some social media platforms, a good agency will have people proofread all content, including white papers that will be published, before sending them off for publishing. They make sure that the best possible content reaches your target audience, and you can focus on building up your app!


On a final note…


It’s highly unlikely that your top competitors are promoting their apps themselves. Instead, they are partnering with content writing agencies to give them an edge, so it’s almost imperative that you do too. Marketing your app takes work, especially for a mobile app development company, but once you find a partner, you can offload a large part of the responsibilities to them and focus on your primary business.