If you have decided to form an online brand of your business, then the first and the foremost step is to create a website. The website will help you as a physical store where your regular customers can check out all the services and goods. After this, you have to attract a specific crowd towards your website. In online terms, that is known as traffic. With this traffic you can grab the attention of an audience in many ways, herere your website plays the most important role.  In this article we are talking about  11  effective ideas that can help you in attracting traffic to your website that would help you to create an outstanding online presence with these suggestions and tips.


Email Marketing

Many of us in our daily life contact each other via Emails. It is the best and an impressive way of online communication.These quick emails have the ability to convince lots of potential visitors of your website to open up the link to the site. The email marketing or online medium  is one of the strong connecting platforms.  You can use all of your email contacts to generate the traffic. You can generate more profit and increase the visibility of your website. This inexpensive tool can also grow your social network.


Social Media Presence

If you already have a website, your social media profiles have to be equally strong. Nowadays, no one can avoid the usage of social media. Social media is the best platform, therefore it can viral your content easily. Billions of people are hooked with every social media activity, and this is the best way to promote your brand. Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook are the best social media platforms to promote your content.



Another way to promote and facilitate your brand awareness is to start blogging. Blogging is another way to spread awareness about your brand or promote your website. Do you have a clothing shop? Start writing about various fashion guides that would definitely attract the consumers to your clothing shop. When you Use seo for blog, it becomes an authentic source of information that generate leads in a manner that can boost your sales and revenue.


Video Content

Most of us are sitting at home like to glue our eyes to videos that are frequent on social media. There is a lot of content on social media, and half of that content is in video form. Also, it has been found that 46% of the users preferred video content over other contents. In the authentic form of marketing, TV ads also play an important role to promote your business.


Go live

Many social media platforms create an opportunity for businesses and people to go live and start recording their activity or content. As a brand, you can use this feature to your advantage to connect with your audience. This amazon feature will give an advantage to your content, and you can also increase your brand value.


Also, show them various methods or the things that you do for your business on a live stream. This will not only gain the trust of the brand, but it will also show the honesty of your business.


Influence of the Influencer

Your brand may have increased some amount of credibility, and to increase their users and their trust, these influencers can tag your website, business or social media account so that you can attract more visitors to your site. Many celebrities or personalities are promoting certain brands on social media platforms, during their vlogs. Not only vlog, they also promote through Instagram stories and posts. You can also use these tactics to form a strong influence on the multiple web browsers.



Learning about using seo to drive visitors to your blog. Using SEO requires a vast area of expertise. If you are a small or medium business owner, then try to increase blog posts in your website. the search engine optimization yourself as it is not that tough subject, if you are a big brand, then outsource your SEO requirements. It would be conducive to establish your online presence.


Publish Guides

If you have a well running business, then, creating ultimate guide practices will  drag  the audiences to visit your website. More people will share these guides on their blog posts,web pages, or social media platforms, and it can generate a massive traffic to your website. People love to read guides primarily if provided with images for a deep but straightforward understanding. Check out for the relatable guides of your field that might be posted by your competitors and come up with your ultimate guide.


Reddit Post

On Reddit you can generate a lot of leads. It depends on the total number of  write ups you are posting on Reddit on an average, and you will be sure to get a lot of clicks on your page. The more you  engage on Reddit threads, the traffic can be generated on your website. You must  engage with the audience through your content, and soon you will gain the  views on your website.


Guest post

Many blogging sites give guest posts on their blogs. You can  alsos take the advantage  of this and can divert the traffic from your website. Just select the right  blogging page that has an ideal following and checkout if they are allowing the guest writers to contribute to their blogs then you must go  with it. The difficult task is to find such bloggers who are inviting  the guest writers. Therefore, an internet will provide unlimited options.



Everyone loves free gifts, and if you are starting with a competition on your website, promote this competition with an open giveaway, then you will be sure about the diverted traffic to your page. Who doesn’t want free gifts? So, combine this tactic along with your marketing methods, and then you will get a lot of following on your website.



In this article, we have described 11 best and proven ways to drive traffic to your website. All the described ways are a part of pure organic marketing. Many such ways are used by laymen in their routine lives and Syndell can help you with such. We are a digital marketing company, helping you in boosting up your sales.